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Perlox Ransomware

Posted: April 5, 2021

The Perlox Ransomware is a file encryption Trojan meant to harm the files on your computer and then extort you for money. The threatening application tries to encrypt the contents of images, videos, archives, databases and other important files. Once it damages a file, it will add the '.periox' suffix to its name and drop the ransom message 'help.html' on the desktop. The latter file contains a short message from the attackers who ask to be contacted via the TOR-based mailbox supportperiox@ywtpdnpwihbyuvck.onion. They also demand a ransom payment of $500 that must be sent to a Bitcoin wallet address found in the 'helpme.html' ransom note.

Many users might be surprised how common ransomware attacks are, and how easy it is to get infected if you are not careful while browsing the Web. Threats like the Perlox Ransomware are often spread through corrupted email attachments and links, pirated content and other shady files. While you can minimize your exposure to shady online content by being careful with the sites you browse, you also can add a layer of protection by using reliable anti-virus services.

The Perlox Ransomware attack is very swift, and there is no way to stop it unless you have an anti-malware service in place to identify and halt the threatening operation. Recovering the files also might be impossible since Perlox Ransomware's encryption is secure and impossible to crack via free utilities.

Paying the ransom sum is not recommended because you are likely to end up being tricked by Perlox Ransomware's creators. The best thing to do is to use an anti-virus tool to eliminate the threatening software and then try recovering files from a backup or use other data recovery methods and tools.