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Polizia Slovena Ransomware

Posted: October 29, 2012

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 10/10
Infected PCs: 76
First Seen: October 29, 2012
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Polizia Slovena Ransomware Screenshot 1Polizia Slovena Ransomware is a ransomware Trojan whose presence is often detected quickly due to Polizia Slovena Ransomware's usage of an alarming and screen-covering pop-up alert. This pop-up claims to be sent by Slovenia's cyber crime police department and threatens the PC user with legal penalties as a consequence of various online crimes. SpywareRemove.com malware analysts were unsurprised to find that the Slovenian police don't have anything to do with Polizia Slovena Ransomware, which actually is one of the newest ransomware-based attacks launched by Reveton Trojans. Paying the fee that Polizia Slovena Ransomware demands is both unnecessary and needlessly harmful, and disabling and deleting Polizia Slovena Ransomware through standard anti-malware tactics is considered the best way to resolve a Polizia Slovena Ransomware infection.

Polizia Slovena Ransomware: One More Budding Branch on a Tree That Flowers PC Scams

Polizia Slovena Ransomware may try to pretend to be sent by your local law enforcement, but Polizia Slovena Ransomware's real origins lie in the same roots as ransomware Trojans like the Türk Polisi Virus, the Polizei Control Department Virus, the Poliisi Tietoverkkorikos Tutkinnan Yksikkö Ransomware and the France Ministère de l'Intérieur Virus. Trojans from the Reveton family often are used to load the nationality-specific fake pop-up alerts from Polizia Slovena Ransomware and related ransomware Trojans, with the language, legal threats and logos always changed to match the country of the PC in question. Thus, only PCs that are found to be in Slovenia (as noted in their IP addresses) will suffer from Polizia Slovena Ransomware attacks, while France deals with the France Ministère de l’Intérieur Virus, etc.

Polizia Slovena Ransomware's pop-up warning captures your webcam footage (if any), national symbols and a standard range of icons (that are reused in related ransomware Trojans, SpywareRemove.com malware experts note) to make its fake legal alert appear legitimate. Even though Polizia Slovena Ransomware warns you of other legal penalties if you don't pay the fine that Polizia Slovena Ransomware demands as payment for your 'crimes,', Polizia Slovena Ransomware has no way of detecting criminal activities or contacting the Slovenian police and is more illegal than anything that Polizia Slovena Ransomware accuses its victims of doing.

Driving Polizia Slovena Ransomware's Wolves in Police Uniforms Out of Your Computer

For the most part, Polizia Slovena Ransomware is identified by its characteristic pop-up alert and its poorly-disguised extortion attempt. SpywareRemove.com malware experts also note that Polizia Slovena Ransomware can include other attacks that, while less obvious, are still serious risks to your PC's security and good reasons for you to try to remove Polizia Slovena Ransomware immediately. Secondary functions of Polizia Slovena Ransomware can consist of:

  • Modifications to Internet Explorer's browser settings that turn your Internet security zones and related security features off.
  • Changes to the Registry that disable Windows tools – especially Task Manager.
  • The installation of other PC threats, with the potential payloads inclusive of spyware (malicious programs that steal personal information).

Because you may find it difficult to use anti-malware programs as long as Polizia Slovena Ransomware is open, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers suggest blocking Polizia Slovena Ransomware by booting in Safe Mode or launching your OS from a removable drive. Because Polizia Slovena Ransomware and related PC threats use components that are difficult to detect by eye, manual removal of Polizia Slovena Ransomware is discouraged for anyone but a professional in PC security, but most anti-malware scanners should be able to remove Polizia Slovena Ransomware once Polizia Slovena Ransomware is disabled.

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Technical Details

Additional Information

The following messages's were detected:
# Message
1The amount of the penalty is 100 €. The payment must be made within 48 hours after discovery of a breach of law. If the amount of the penalty is not paid, a criminal case could be commenced.
2Znesek kazni 100 €. Placilo je treba opraviti v 48 urah po odkritju krsitve. Ce znesek kazni ni placan, samodejno na kazensko zadevo.