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Povlsomware Ransomware

Posted: March 23, 2021

Povlsomware Ransomware is a file-locker, which can cause irreversible damage to your important data potentially. Threats of this type are designed to encrypt the contents of important files and then offer a paid decryption service, which may often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, there is no free decryption tool for the Povlsomware Ransomware, and victims of this ransomware attack may not be able to restore their data easily. Currently, the only reliable way to undo the damage that the Povlsomware Ransomware causes is to recover the locked files from a backup.

The threatening executable carrying the Povlsomware Ransomware may be spread online via misleading advertisements, fake downloads, pirated content and suspicious downloads. To avoid threats of this type, we advise you to stick to browsing safe websites, as well as to invest in regularly updated anti-malware software. Apart from these two security measures, you may also want to consider maintaining regular backups of your important files – this way you will have access to a reserve copy in case the originals are encrypted by ransomware.

The authors of the Povlsomware Ransomware ask victims to contact them via the email reply@forgetit.com. They do not specify the amount of money they expect to receive, but you can rest assured that they will not provide you with the decryption key for free.

If the Povlsomware Ransomware has damaged your data, you should proceed to run an anti-virus scanner, which will ensure the full removal of the threat. After the Povlsomware Ransomware is gone, it will be unable to cause more damage to your files, and you will need to start recovering your files either via a backup or by experimenting with data restoration software.