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PROM Ransomware

Posted: March 23, 2021

The PROM Ransomware is a threat that is being spread online with the use of corrupted advertisements, fake downloads, fake email attachments, and other deceptive content. If the PROM Ransomware reaches your device, it may cause damage to your data by encrypting important files. Unfortunately, reversing the encryption is not an easy task – it requires the use of a specialized decryptor combined with the unique key that the PROM Ransomware generates for your device. The files that the PROM Ransomware locks are marked with the extension '.PROM[prometheushelp@mail.ch].'

The PROM Ransomware also drops the ransom note 'RESTORE_FILES_INFO.txt' that provides users with more information about the attack, as well as with the offer of the perpetrators. Unsurprisingly, PROM Ransomware's creators demand to be paid a ransom fee in exchange for their assistance. They also offer to provide proof that the decryption of the victim's files is possible – they provide a link where users can upload three encrypted files alongside their email address, and they will receive the decrypted versions in a few hours.

We advise you to accept the offer for free decryption, but you should not agree to send any money to the attackers. Often, ransomware creators start extorting their victims for more money as soon as they receive one payment. Do not risk being tricked and, instead, focus on preventing the PROM Ransomware from causing more damage. You can do this by running an up-to-date anti-virus tool to identify and remove all of PROM Ransomware's components. Once the ransomware is gone for good, you can try to restore files through a backup or via alternative data recovery options.

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