REKTLocker Ransomware

Posted: August 10, 2016
Threat Metric
Threat Level: 10/10
Infected PCs 27

REKTLocker Ransomware Description

The REKTLocker Ransomware is a Trojan that encrypts and renames your files to hold them up for ransom. Conclusive protection against this category of threat normally includes monitoring e-mail and other browser-based activities for potential infection vectors, along with using backups that the REKTLocker Ransomware can't attack. Prevent any ongoing damage to your saved data by using anti-malware programs to scan your PC and remove the REKTLocker Ransomware, as well as other threats that could be responsible for its installation.

The New Threat Wrecking Your Data for Personal Gain

Although it's possible to get a sense of both the driving philosophies and personalities of threat authors through their works, not all con artists are equally expressive. Some, such as the author of the REKTLocker Ransomware, prefer utilizing preexisting code with a minimum of effort put into their attacks. In spite of its small scope and simplicity, the REKTLocker Ransomware is just as viable as any other file-encrypting Trojan reusing the thoroughly-proven code in the EDA2 project. The REKTLocker Ransomware shares this common lineage with a growing group of threats that includes the SeginChile Ransomware, the VenusLocker Ransomware and the AlphaLocker Ransomware.

The REKTLocker Ransomware encrypts files through an algorithm malware experts still are identifying, although some sources speculate on RSA-2048's likely usage. Along with encrypting the data, the REKTLocker Ransomware also inserts the '.rekt' extension onto each file's name ('rekt' being a gaming slang term for a severe or embarrassing defeat). The REKTLocker Ransomware alerts the victim to the attack's having taken place with both an image file and a text file, although the majority of its information loads through the latter.

The ransom message in the REKTLocker Ransomware's note is terse and asks for a 1 Bitcoin payment to a wallet address. The REKTLocker Ransomware also delivers a warning about the specificity of the decryption process that could restore your information but doesn't offer further details on how encryption works, or how paying the con artist provides any resolution to the attack. Malware experts also saw no contact information associated with the REKTLocker Ransomware's ransom messages, which is an unusual omission for Trojans of its type that lack any form of decryption UI.

How to Stop Getting 'Rekt' by the Newest Trojans

'Getting rekt' is a process most PC owners associate with awkward losses at the hands of cutthroat multiplayer scenes but is a more high-risk prospect when it pertains to PC security and the possibility of a Trojan blocking your data. The abuse of EDA2 code by programmers with little talent or enthusiasm continues allowing the con artist landscape easy access to file encryption attacks, and even following the REKTLocker Ransomware's payment instructions may not give you a working decryptor.

Although you may consult with PC security experts on decrypting your data without paying the REKTLocker Ransomware's author, decryption isn't always possible. Backups incapable of being attacked by the REKTLocker Ransomware, such as protected cloud servers or external devices, offer a way to keep your content safe without any undue expenses or research into complex recovery solutions.

The REKTLocker Ransomware bases itself on an easily-recognizable source of code but is a particularly new variant of EDA2. Keep your anti-malware products fully-patched to let them identify and delete the REKTLocker Ransomware before its payload can launch. Most importantly, avoid paying the price of the REKTLockers having 'free' coding knowledge from EDA2 and eliminate any contact with Trojan delivery methods, which malware experts often isolate to illegal downloads and disguised e-mail attachments.

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