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Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware

Posted: February 14, 2013

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 96
First Seen: February 14, 2013
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware is ransomware that uses fake police alerts to convince its victims to transfer money to criminal enterprises via reputable voucher systems like Paysafecard and/or Ukash. Besides being the Swedish branch of a scam that persists throughout Europe, Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware also functions as a security hazard by blocking other programs and major Windows features. Strong web browser security can prevent Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware infections, but removing Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware should be done with powerful anti-malware utilities whenever they're available to use.

Why a Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware-Blocked Computer Isn't the Legal Quagmire that It Pretends to Be

Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware is one of many variants of Urausy Trojans – Trojans that, like Reveton Trojans or the Ukash Viruses, launch fake police warnings that are specific to particular countries. In Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware's case, the country in question is Sweden. SpywareRemopve.com malware experts also have identified Politiet Kongeriget Danmark Ransomware, Landespolizeidirection' Ransomware and Suomen Poliisi Ransomware as relatives of Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware that attack Germany, Denmark and Finland.

Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware's attacks consist of pop-up warnings that, firstly, prevent you from accessing the rest of Windows, and secondarily accuse you of crimes such as trafficking in illegal pornography. However, Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware doesn't have any way to validate these accusations, and its message is displayed regardless of your past computer usage. Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware's pop-up also requests that you transfer a voucher fine to compensate the appropriate authorities, but doing so has no effect on restoring your computer.

SpywareRemopve.com malware researchers also stress that, even though the Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware claims that you're under a time limit, Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware isn't capable of other attacks after you ignore its opening bluff. Likewise, Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware cannot contact the authorities – even if you are guilty of the crimes that Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware accuses you of committing – and shouldn't be taken as a representative of Sweden's police.

Protecting Your PC from Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware Both Before and After the Fact

Urausy infections like Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware Trojans have been known to use software vulnerabilities to install themselves automatically, particularly vulnerabilities that are related to Java and JavaScript. Disabling these features, keeping all of your software updated and/or making a habit of staying clear of suspicious websites can prevent your computer from coming into contact with major infection vectors for Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware.

If you do end up seeing Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware's larcenous pop-up on your screen, you should avoid paying its fine and use the same methods to remove Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware that any Trojan would warrant. Since Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware's family of Trojans has been known to use several defensive techniques to prevent themselves from being deleted, SpywareRemopve.com malware researchers especially suggest the usage of anti-malware software as is applicable. You also may need to reboot into Safe Mode or load a recovery OS to disable Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware before you can remove Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware.

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The following messages's were detected:
# Message
1OBS! VARNING! Datorn har blockerats. Din dator är blockerad på grund av minst ett av de skäl som anges nedan.
Du bryter mot lagen om <> (Video, Music, Programvara)
Du granskar eller distribuerar förbjudna pornografiska material (Barn Pornografi, Zoofili etc.)
Böternas belopp är SEK 1000 eller €100.
Du kan betala böter via Ukash eller PaySafeCard.