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Rogue.Winfix 10

Posted: February 8, 2016

The Winfix 10 system optimizer might be offered to you as a powerful tool to speed up your computer, but is is classified as a rogue optimizer program. Security investigators report that the Winfix 10 rogue optimizer may claim to improve your system security and provide '1-Click Maintenance', but it will display many fake critical errors. The Winfix 10 rogue optimizer will list hundreds of problems on your computer to scare you into buying a license to solve those problems. Security investigators note that the Winfix 10 rogueware does not have a digital certificate, and there is no evidence of its positive effect on computer systems. Moreover, the help-line on 888-833-0728 that is suggested to the users of Winfix 10 is associated with bogus technical support services. The Winfix 10 rogue optimizer may add a Registry key in Windows to start at boot-up and cause system errors. Needless to say, the Winfix 10 rogue optimizer program will not boost your computer performance and can prevent users from enjoying games, videos and Internet content. Also, the Winfix 10 program may update its components and introduce browser hijackers into your OS automatically, which may redirect you to harmful domains. The Winfix 10 rogue optimizer may add a Task in the Windows Task Scheduler to perform registry scans that may close all program windows and end background processes that are essential for your cyber protection. You should consider the installation of a reputable anti-malware suite that can eradicate the Winfix 10 rogueware and improve your security.

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