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Rogue Optimizer Programs

A rogue optimizer program, or a fake PC optimization tool, is an application created by cybercrooks to impersonate an application that is capable of optimizing a PC’s performance through hard disk defragmentation or other system modifications that alleviate performance hindering resources. Rogue optimizer programs rely on aggressive techniques that ultimately convince computer users that they need to purchase the full version of the system optimization program in order to rid their system of reported errors. Rogue optimizer programs, after installation, will display several system warnings attempting to notify the computer user of system issues. These illicit warning messages range from hard drive errors to RAM memory failure notifications.

Rogue system optimization tools are incapable of improving a PC’s performance or repairing any type of system issues. Instead, rogue PC optimizer programs are utilized as a tool for hackers to extort money from gullible or novice computer users. If purchased, a rogue computer optimizer would still be completely useless in the detection and repair of PC issues. Usually the purchase of a rogue optimizer program may lead to a cybercrook illegally charging the credit card used in the transaction.

Rogue PC optimizer programs may break down the integrity of a computer. Manual or automatic detection and removal of rogue optimization programs are recommended as to not cause any damage to the computer’s operating system or stored data.

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There are currently 5 rogue optimizer programs program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Driver Performer May 24, 2013
Rogue.Winfix 10 February 8, 2016
Safe PC Cleaner May 6, 2013
System Doctor 2014 May 30, 2013
System Optimizer Pro May 19, 2014