Posted: August 22, 2011

Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a Description

Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a is a rootkit that infects system boot components of your hard drive and runs in secret while Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a systematically dismantles your computer's security. As an extremely new threat as of August 2011, Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a may be able to avoid detection or deletion by inadequately-updated anti-malware products, and you should consider keeping your security software up-to-date the first priority for defending your PC from Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a attacks. Symptoms of a Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a attack may vary; however, the most common attacks that malware researchers have noted involve disabling security programs, changing system settings without consent, installing other types of harmful software and allowing remote criminals to access the infected computer. Any possible Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a infection should be treated as an extremely serious security breach, although an appropriate anti-malware product that's advanced enough to remove rootkits can also remove Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a from your computer.

Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a - Silent but Potentially Lethal to Your PC

Although Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a can be reconfigured for different types of behavior and may also vary its attacks based on updates to its structure, any Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a infection is an extremely deadly security threat that shouldn't be tolerated on your PC for even a single second. Vulnerabilities that are associated with rootkits like Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a (as well as with similar forms of malicious software, such as TDSS Rootkit, TDL3 Rootkit, Rootkit.Win32.Agent.bhnc and TDSS.e!rootkit) are noted below:

  • Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a may use up significant system resources to perform its attacks. This can cause your PC to perform with less stability than usual and may create slowdown, stuttering or input loss.
  • Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a may serve in the form of a direct pathway to your PC for criminals who want to control the infected system This can result in your computer being forced to perform DDoS attacks and other forms of illegal or self-destructive behavior.
  • Your private information (such as online banking data or account passwords) may be stolen by Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a and sent out to criminals for identity fraud and other illegal purposes.
  • Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a may disable security programs, although malware researchers have noted that a rookit's security software blacklist will almost never block every possible type of anti-malware scanner. Fake infection warnings may try to force you into believing that these programs are infected.
  • Perhaps most dangerously, Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a may be instructed to install an indefinite amount of other programs that are equally as malicious as Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a itself. Trojan droppers like Trojan-dropper.win32.VB.agtq, rogue anti-spyware programs like XP Anti-Spyware, spyware such as Zeus Keylogger and adware like BearShare Mediabar are all possibilities that Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a may force onto your hard drive.

Why Only the Best Software Will Do for Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a Removal malware analysts have found that Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a attacks have been reported as recently as late August of 2011, and several brands of security programs have been reported to fail at trying to remove Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a. Due to this, malware researchers stress the importance of keeping your security and anti-malware products up-to-date with respect to their threat databases, since an unidentified Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a may easily stay on your computer and cause serious damage without any visible symptoms.

Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a will infect your PC through deceptive methods, such as by hidden drive-by-download scripts on harmful advertisements or by being bundled with software in P2P networks and illegal websites. Although Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a will install itself without your permission, you will not notice Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a unless Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a triggers your security software, since Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a immediately embeds itself into the deepest parts of your PC, such as the boot sector and the System Restore backup.

Until you've taken steps to disable Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a, you should assume that Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a is active at all times and react with appropriate suspicion to any unusual pop-up messages or other strange system behavior that may be caused by Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a. You should never attempt to remove Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a without a suitable anti-rootkit security program when possible, since improper removal of Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a runs the risk of harming your operating system.

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Technical Details

Registry Modifications

The following newly produced Registry Values are:

HKEY..\..\..\..{Subkeys}HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a
Home Malware Programs Rootkits Rootkit.Boot.Mybios.a

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