Posted: June 19, 2014

Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B Description

Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B is a rootkit that subverts your system's normal startup process to compromise its security. In the course of its attacks, Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B may hijack your Web browser, modify Internet settings, distribute other threats or synchronize your PC with a botnet. Malware researchers have found frequent cases of Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B blocking its uninstallation, even when undertaken by proper PC security products, and the use of strenuous anti-rootkit tactics and tools may be necessary for deleting Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B.

The Rootkit that Chokes Your Browser

Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B is a rootkit that has been in circulation for at least two years, but recently came to malware researchers' attention in 2014, as a result of new attacks. Only circumstantial evidence about Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B's distribution model currently is available, but there are strong indications of Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B may be installed by worms that use untargeted e-mail spam to infect new PCs. Like most high-level threats, Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B rarely operates alone, and may assist with the installation of other threats along with its own installation.

Like other rootkits, Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B may compromise the basic startup settings of your PC, thereby granting threat access to the rest of the system before your operating system has so much as loaded. Although the symptoms of Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B infections may be subject to the same variations that its payloads are, malware researchers have noticed the following side effects in recent attacks:

  • Your Web browser may fail to open some websites, particularly sites associated with PC security companies.
  • Your browser may experience other performance problems, that may include slow loading times, forcibly loaded advertisements or redirects to unwanted sites.
  • Your PC may launch audio-based content, such as radio advertisements, automatically.
  • Task Manager and other memory-managing utilities may display an excessive amount of processes or quantity of resources used by them. Svchost.exe and other, baseline Windows files may be hijacked by threats associated with Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B.
  • Internet connectivity settings associated with your router or modem may experience automatic modifications.

Undigging the Root of a Rootkit

Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B may have poor detection rates amongst most brands of anti-malware products, and, like most rootkits, only should be deleted by specialized anti-rootkit security solutions. Typically, an ill-equipped PC security program unable to deal with rootkits may be able to identify Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B without being able to remove Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B. Since malware experts have found some tangential evidence that Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B may be related to worms, you also may want to take particular care to block off local network-sharing routes and removable devices that may be used to distribute more threats.

Although spam e-mail messages could be the main distribution methods for Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B and associated PC threats, they also may be exploited to deliver a wide range of other threats to both random and targeted PCs. If you receive unusual e-mail requests that ask you to open attached files or visit an enclosed link, malware experts recommend taking measures to protect yourself from attacks that may launch from these sources. Official websites should be visited directly by typing the Web address into your Web browser's navigation bar, and suspicious files always should be scanned by proper anti-malware equipment.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

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