SGAE Virus

Posted: July 31, 2012

SGAE Virus Description

The SGAE Virus is Spain's very own variant of a regional Lockscreen Trojan that varies its language and the legal bodies referenced with the country (determined by your IP) of the infected computer. Like other members of Lockscreen, the SGAE Virus claims, wielding the hefty authority of the SGAE, that your computer has been locked due to its association with intellectual property violations (such as downloading or uploading copyrighted music). While the SGAE Virus would love for you to panic and pay a fee via Paysafecard, malware analysts don't see any reason for giving in to the SGAE Virus's ransom, which has no legal authority and isn't associated with the real SGAE. As a PC threat that blocks you from using other programs, the SGAE Virus should be disabled and then removed by suitably advanced anti-malware software as soon as you first notice its ransom attempt.

How the SGAE Virus Exaggerates IP Violations for Its Own Purposes

SGAE Virus infections are readily-detectable due to their screen-blocking pop-up alerts that prevent you from accessing any other aspect of your PC's interface, including even the most basic of security applications. Although the SGAE Virus attempts to present this behavior as a consequence of online crimes that are associated with your computer, up to and including using the official SGAE logo in its warning message, the SGAE Virus is unrelated to the SGAE or any other reputable organization. malware researchers recommend that you, first and foremost, ignore any legal threats or recommendations from a SGAE Virus, which is, itself, at least as illegal as the crimes that SGAE Virus claims have been linked to your PC.

While the SGAE Virus's warning message encourages you to pay a supposed legal fine via Paysafecard, in reality, this fine is just a way for ransomware Trojan-distributing criminals to profit off of the fears of music fans. Instead of spending money on SGAE Virus, to the contrary, malware researchers suggest removing SGAE Virus, like any other ransomware Trojan, with a proven anti-malware product that can delete high-level threats without incident. Because the SGAE Virus may have been installed by other PC threats that could also be on your hard drive, a full system scan is recommended over attempting to remove SGAE Virus by itself.

Turning SGAE Virus's Software Barricade into Mush

Because a SGAE Virus's pop-up will prevent you from accessing other programs, you should try to deactivate the SGAE Virus's launch routine before you attempt to remove the SGAE Virus for good. malware analysts have found some success in booting PCs from removable hard drive devices (such as USB flash drives), although you may also find Safe Mode adequate for disabling SGAE Virus.

The SGAE Virus is a foremost concern for Spain-based PC users. However, other members of the SGAE Virus's family, Lockscreen, have also been seen attacking other regions. Examples of SGAE Virus's international comrades in arms include the International Police Association (I.P.A.) Ransomware, 'Attention! Votre ordinateur a ete pour violation' ransomware, the SIAE Virus, West Yorkshire Ransomware and the Gema 'Access to your computer was denied' Virus.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

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Technical Details

Additional Information

The following messages's were detected:
# Message
1'Le descarga de canciones con copyright mediante internet o redes para compartir música es ilegal, y de acuerdo con la Sección 106 de la Ley de derechos de copia, sujeta a una multa o pena de prisión de hasta 3 años.'
2'Your downloads of copyrighted songs via the Internet or music-sharing networks is illegal, and in accordance with Section 106 of the copyright law, you are subject to a fine or imprisonment up to 3 years'

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