SIAE Virus

Posted: July 31, 2012

SIAE Virus Description

The SIAE Virus is an Italy-specific ransomware Trojan from the Lockscreen family. True to the standards of its family, the SIAE Virus presents itself as a warning from a legitimate agency and claims to have locked down your PC due to detected illegal activities. Although the SIAE Virus warns that you must pay a fine or face heavy legal penalties that can include imprisonment, malware researchers have confirmed that the SIAE Virus is unrelated to the real SIAE and doesn't have any type of legal authority. As a scammer like other Lockscreen-based Trojans, the SIAE Virus always is malicious and should be disabled and deleted by standard anti-malware methods and software.

Why the Real SIAE Washes Its Hands of the SIAE Virus

The SIAE Virus is easily-detectable after its installation due to its display of a pop-up alert that covers your screen, simultaneously blocking you from using the Taskbar, shortcuts or other programs. The SIAE Virus's pop-up uses the logo of the Italian Society for Authors and Publishers but is unaffiliated with that agency. As a recent variant of other members of the Lockscreen family, the SIAE Virus conforms to the behavior of its predecessors by claiming that your PC has been locked due to illegal media-trafficking activities (such as downloading copyrighted music) and insisting that you pay a hundred Euro fine lest you face other legal penalties.

Of course, the SIAE Virus's threats are all bluster, and malware experts note that there's no harm that can come to your PC by ignoring the SIAE Virus's warnings and saving your money. Although the SIAE Virus is designed to attack Italian PC users in particular, other members of the Lockscreen family have been seen attacking other regions. Relatives of the SIAE Virus include the Gema 'Access to your computer was denied' Virus, West Yorkshire Ransomware, International Police Association (I.P.A.) Ransomware and 'Votre ordinateur est bloqué' Belgium Ransomware, the SGAE Virus.

Putting a Safe End to a SIAE Virus's Intellectual Property Hysterics

Although the SIAE Virus and other members of its family are often referred to as viruses, malware research team notes that the SIAE Virus and other Lockscreen-based ransomware Trojans are not actual viruses and, as such, cannot infect other files broadly throughout your hard drive. For their propagation, SIAE Virus and similar PC threats may be installed by Trojan downloaders, Trojan droppers, fraudulent e-mail messages or even drive-by-download attacks.

Because any SIAE Virus will prevent you from using necessary security software while SIAE Virus is open, malware experts recommend booting into Safe Mode or booting from a flash drive. This will block SIAE Virus's startup routine and allow you to scan your PC to remove the SIAE Virus and any related PC threats without complications.

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Technical Details

Additional Information

The following messages's were detected:
# Message
1'Il mancato rispetto di questa richiesta potrebbe comportare imputazioni penali e possitiblita di detenzione. Per esguire il pagamento, inserite il codice Paysafecard aquisito del campo bonifico, selezionate il valore del codice e quindi premete il pulsante “Invia”. SIAE e legittimato dalla legge – ed e in stretto contatto con i legislatori e la Polizia.'
2'The failure to comply with this request may result in criminal charges and possible detention. To execute the payment, enter the Paysafecard code, highlight the value of the code and then press the "Send" button. SIAE is legitimized by the law and is in close contact with legislators and the Police.'

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