SlankCryptor Ransomware

SlankCryptor Ransomware Description

The SlankCryptor Ransomware is a file-locking Trojan that may block your digital media, such as documents. The SlankCryptor Ransomware also displays pop-up messages themed after Slank, a prominent Indonesian musical group. Users should, as usual, ignore the ransom demands, recover from a backup if possible, and have their dedicated anti-malware programs safely remove the SlankCryptor Ransomware.

The Melody of Making Money Illicitly

Ransomware-as-a-Service families are a streamlined and mostly-predictable production line of 'new' Trojans, but independent competitors are prone to less traditional features and aesthetics. The SlankCryptor Ransomware is a particularly strong example of such, as a non-member of major families like the Scarab Ransomware, Hidden Tear or the Globe Ransomware. This independent Trojan is most colorful for its multiple references to a musical band of high reputation in Southeast Asia.

All versions of the SlankCryptor Ransomware that malware experts have access to are 'in development' versions not yet prepared for release into the wild. Finalized versions of the Trojan should block files, such as Word document, BMP or JGP pictures, etc., through means such as the traditional AES and RSA encryption. The Trojan does include a working extension-adding feature, which adds the word 'slank' to filenames – the meaning of which becomes more evident in its ransom pop-up.

The SlankCryptor Ransomware's unusual HTA pop-up window includes cycling images of Slank, an Indonesian band, a countdown ticker, and poorly-worded English ransoming instructions. The information also provides a link to the Slank band's real website, along with an unaffiliated, free 'TK' domain that belongs to the threat actor. Note that the SlankCryptor Ransomware has no affiliation with the Slank band; any claims of such, including the copyright details, are another scam by the threat actor, as usual.

Hitting Mute on a Crook's Demands for Your Money

The SlankCryptor Ransomware's musical enthusiasm is a thin aesthetic covering features that aren't very different from those of the more 'boring' Ransomware-as-a-Service Trojans. Users can keep themselves from suffering long-term losses of data through backing up work to another, secure device. Assuming that local backups always are available is a risk that most file-locking Trojans, and even amateur ones like the SlankCryptor Ransomware, are happy to capitalize on by wiping default recovery data.

With no known information on how it might start circulating, malware researchers can only best advise users on avoiding previously-verifiable infection vectors for similar Trojans. Although more professional campaigns may use well-crafted e-mail scams, victims of low-effort attacks like the SlankCryptor Ransomware may infect themselves through other methods. These self-inflicted traps include illegal torrent downloads, downloading fake patches from ad servers, or leaving RDP open to the Internet.

All of the previously-outlined security weaknesses are mendable by users monitoring their behavior easily, patching their software, and disabling potentially threatening features as necessary. Otherwise, one should always have an appropriate anti-malware program ready for removing the SlankCryptor Ransomware from Windows environments.

The SlankCryptor Ransomware isn't the latest hit from the Slank band, but file-locking Trojans can make just as much money as the music industry. It's up to its victims to keep the SlankCryptor Ransomware in poverty by not purchasing a 'greatest hits' equivalent of a decryptor.

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Posted: January 7, 2020
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