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Posted: May 4, 2020

SLocker is a low-quality piece of ransomware that goes after Android devices exclusively. Unlike high-profile ransomware families that encrypt a large portion of the victim's data, this one is limited severely when it comes to functionality. In fact, SLocker is incapable of damaging files since it does not contain a working file-encryption module – instead, all it does is to display a lock screen that may prevent you from accessing your home screen or applications. Of course, this is not a minor issue since it may often render the device impossible to use. If the unlock code is not recovered, users might have to use advanced malware removal techniques to get their Android device back to normal.

SLocker Does not Encrypt Files – It will Just Lock Your Home Screen

Although SLocker has been around for nearly three years, it has not been a very active malware family. However, it seems that an unknown threat actor from Uzbekistan has released a variant that targets Uzbek users recently. The threatening application was found on the Google Play Store under the name 'Koronavirus Haqida' – the Uzbek name translates to 'About Coronavirus,' so it is clear that the attacker has opted to take advantage of the panic surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Users who end up download and running the fake application may be asked to provide it with a lot of permissions that applications of this sort should not need – however, many users are unlikely to pay attention to this, and they may end up allowing the threatening SLocker to take over their devices. The new variant has not been improved at all, and it uses a hardcoded unlock key that cybersecurity experts were able to recover.

SLocker's Unlock Key was Recovered by Malware Researchers

After the attack is completed, SLocker will display a lock message that prevents the victims from accessing their device's home screen. The message is in Uzbek, and it asks the victims to purchase an unlock key by calling the number ' +998 99 891 03 12.' Surprisingly, this number also is the unlock key – victims of this new SLocker variant can enter the code '998 99 891 03 12' to unlock their phone or tablet.

Unlocking your device is only a partial solution, and you will still need to take additional steps to eliminate the threatening application. You can do this by using a reliable Android security product.

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