StorageCrypter Ransomware

Posted: November 28, 2017

StorageCrypter Ransomware Description

The StorageCrypter Ransomware is a Trojan that blocks your files until you agree to pay a ransom to its threat actor for restoring them. Exceptionally for a threat of its classification, the StorageCrypter Ransomware also includes support for locking media on some forms of network-accessible devices, including some cloud services. Always protect your network-based backups with appropriate password management and use a high-quality anti-malware program for uninstalling the StorageCrypter Ransomware as soon as possible.

The Cloud's Forecast is a Storm of Ransoms

One of the recurring mantras of defending your PC from threatening software is the importance of having a secure backup of your work, but what constitutes 'secure' isn't perfectly consistent. While most of the file-locking threats that malware experts are aware of are specializing in damaging the contents of local drives, a minority of these Trojans can extend their attacks further than usual. In extreme situations, such as with the payload of the StorageCrypter Ransomware, the intended loss of data even can affect network storage, AKA 'the cloud.'

Cloud-based features have been in differing usage by different Trojan campaigns, such as the notable abuses of the Mischa Ransomware, which leveraged its features for compromising an entire network from a single installation. Although the StorageCrypter Ransomware's cloud-based attacks aren't as comprehensive necessarily, the StorageCrypter Ransomware does support causing encryption-based damage to both the user's local files and network-accessible ones, including some types of cloud services. The enciphering routine appears to be AES and RSA-based, and malware experts are estimating that a free decryption for the StorageCrypter Ransomware may be unavailable for the indefinite future.

After using the above feature to 'lock' different formats of files and keep the user from opening them, the StorageCrypter Ransomware creates a Notepad message asking the user for Bitcoins to buy its ill-endorsed decryption service. The 0.4 Bitcoin rate converts to nearly four thousand USD and raises the chances of the StorageCrypter Ransomware campaign aiming for business or government sector systems that store highly valuable data significantly.

Ensuring that Your Storage is Trojan-Free

Since the StorageCrypter Ransomware is showing no case of built-in features for compromising login credentials, protecting your cloud services with secure password management may help prevent this Trojan from accessing your backups. Malware experts also recommend using discrete or portable drives that can avoid exposure to any potentially compromised networks, by default. Paying the ransom the StorageCrypter Ransomware requests may or may not give a solution to the victim, and the use of Bitcoins guarantees that the threat actor will suffer no repercussions, regardless of his actions.

Cybercrooks sometimes choose to attack manually a business or government-related network that could hold media that's worth ransoming. Along with, again, emphasizing password management, malware experts also can encourage examining e-mail messages for suspicious attachments and disabling content that has a high risk of being exploited, such as document-based macros and Web-browser scripts. Uninstalling the StorageCrypter Ransomware should include a comprehensive system scan with appropriate anti-malware tools that also could account for the risk of the same threat actor dropping multiple threats onto one computer.

A 'safe harbor' for your files is a slowly but constantly-shifting definition. When thew cybercrooks put in more effort, such as with the StorageCrypter Ransomware's cloud features, users will need to up the ante in kind by improving their network security.

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