StupidJapan Ransomware

Posted: December 13, 2018

StupidJapan Ransomware Description

The StupidJapan Ransomware is a Trojan that displays pop-up warnings claiming that it's locking your files with encryption and deleting components of your operating system. Although its user interface is similar to that of file-locking Trojans and threats like the Jigsaw Ransomware, malware experts are confirming the StupidJapan Ransomware's current lack of data-wiping or encrypting features. Treat this program as a threat to your PC, regardless, and use proper anti-malware software for removing the StupidJapan Ransomware safely.

Anti-Japanese Sentiment in Trojans that can't Back Up Their Threats

An especially bombastic example of a pseudo-file-locker Trojan is landing in threat databases, with malware experts connecting its installations to the fake distribution of historical literature. The StupidJapan Ransomware is most similar to mass data-deleting Trojans like the Jigsaw Ransomware, concerning its UI particularly. Unlike that Trojan family, however, the StupidJapan Ransomware is, in its current formats, semi-harmless.

The StupidJapan Ransomware has no attacks associated with the deleting or erasing of data on Windows machines, although there are free and easy-to-use resources for creating such functions without much programming knowledge. Despite its absence of 'serious' attack features, the StupidJapan Ransomware imitates them with a generated pop-up that threatens victims with the encryption of their files and even the deletion of the operating system's Master Boot Record. The implementation of the latter would if successful, disable the entire OS.

The StupidJapan Ransomware is targeting Asian PC users with its fake warning, which includes various translations for languages appropriate to Eastern nations. Other UI elements of note are a Japanese flag emblem, some poorly-worded English sentences attacking Japan, a fake progress bar for the supposed file-locking routine, and an e-mail address for contacting the threat actor, for unknown reasons. The StupidJapan Ransomware is likely as being developed for pranking purposes due to the notable absence of any ransoming infrastructure or instructions, and its payload is roughly equivalent to computer-based graffiti.

Being Cleverer than a Stupid Trojan

The StupidJapan Ransomware has a trait in its campaign that it shares with the Shrug2 Ransomware from the summer of 2018: its disguise for distributing itself. The StupidJapan Ransomware is, like the Shrug2 Ransomware, pretending that it's a download of the Codex Gigas or the so-called 'Devil's Bible,' which is an easy way of tricking a victim into downloading and opening it accidentally. Malware experts recommend avoiding similar-themed downloads from untrustworthy sources, such as torrenting networks, and scanning your downloads with security tools for determining their authenticity.

The live versions of the StupidJapan Ransomware are harmless and can't harm your PC, even if you click the button that removes your operating system supposedly. However, file-locking features are easy to add to threats of this type, and malware experts recommend against assuming that this Trojan will stay non-hazardous over the coming weeks equally. Some anti-malware products are just detecting and deleting the StupidJapan Ransomware accurately, in most circumstances, as a variant of a Bodegun backdoor Trojan.

The StupidJapan Ransomware may not open a backdoor or block your media, but spreading misinformation and frightening PC users as a joke has no benefit for anyone, except, possibly, its author. Falling for a 'prank' like the StupidJapan Ransomware does, however, require trusting a download you shouldn't open in the first place and is a good warning of what not to do online.

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