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System Optimizer Pro

Posted: May 19, 2014

Threat Metric

Ranking: 9,309
Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 1,323
First Seen: May 19, 2014
Last Seen: October 17, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

System Optimizer Pro is a rogue system optimizer that claims to be able to 'repair your entire system,' but its 'repairs' may take the form of inappropriate and potentially system-damaging downloads. With a poor rate of accuracy for detecting problems, along with bundle-based distribution methods, a reputation for tricking customers and no known features that would improve your operating system, System Optimizer Pro can safely be considered nothing more than a hoax. Although System Optimizer Pro does not belong to the families of particularly threatening rogue system optimizers examined by malware experts in the past, you should remove System Optimizer Pro with good anti-malware tools, like all inefficient security programs.

System Optimizer Pro: a Pro at Taking Your Money for Fake PC Repairs

System Optimizer Pro is an example of a rogue security and system maintenance utility that adheres to the basic appearance, but not functions of legitimate software. System Optimizer Pro may be installed through bundles with other downloads and similar bait-and-switch tactics, although System Optimizer Pro may request permission for the installation – possibly in an effort to gain trust and seem more legitimate, as software, than System Optimizer Pro is. Malware researchers particularly saw System Optimizer Pro bundles being distributed on fake gaming guide sites and other sources of free, but improperly labeled downloads that tend to lack any legitimate content.

After you install it, System Optimizer Pro always will identify your PC as being dangerously outdated via fraudulent 'system scans' that show predetermined errors. Common errors detected by System Optimizer Pro include driver updates, which System Optimizer Pro may try to overwrite itself. Because System Optimizer Pro makes no attempt to procure appropriate driver packages or identify the real versions that are on your PC, its 'updates' may harm your computer's performance or cause a variety of system stability problems.

For their part, malware researchers recommend using driver updates installed through the appropriate corporate sources. System optimizers that profess to be able to scan for all outdated software in an improbably broad manner almost always are hoaxes, as one can see with System Optimizer Pro, which requests premium purchases of its software priced in the hundreds of dollars for no benefit to its victims.

Getting the Real Optimization Your System Deserves

Since any active use of System Optimizer Pro to 'fix' your PC may run the risk of damaging it, malware experts find uninstalling System Optimizer Pro with anti-malware applications preferable to any other response to System Optimizer Pro. After System Optimizer Pro's removal, any improperly-installed or inappropriate drivers related to System Optimizer Pro should be removed and replaced with the latest updated versions from the proper, reputable sources. General anti-malware scans also should be considered for detecting any other, undesirable software that might have been placed on your computer when System Optimizer Pro made its entrance.

Current reports of System Optimizer Pro have concluded that this fake system optimizer does not engage in the kinds of extreme software-blocking attacks that WinWebSec, FakeRean and other threatening families are noted to use. Despite that fact, malware researchers see no benefit to System Optimizer Pro's presence and no reason to hesitate in classifying System Optimizer Pro as a threat, a little different from a Trojan or ransomware.

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