Tronas Ransomware

Posted: April 1, 2019

Tronas Ransomware Description

The Tronas Ransomware is a file-locker Trojan from the Djvu Ransomware or the STOP Ransomware family. The attacks of this threat will block your files by encrypting them individually and offer a decryption service for a ransom, through the instructions of a Notepad text message. Users can back their work up to secure locations for non-ransom recovery options and use dedicated anti-malware programs for removing the Tronas Ransomware or preventing an installation.

The File-Locking Trojans that Are Faking Your OS Updates

A new deviation from the family of file-locker Trojans referable as either the Djvu Ransomware or the STOP Ransomware is on the way, with threat databases identifying samples that use a different e-mail address successfully. This update is a slight change in the Tronas Ransomware's payload from ancestors like the'.drume File Extension' Ransomware, the Promock Ransomware, the Rumba Ransomware, the Blower Ransomware or Promos Ransomware. As is usually true for family-based Trojans, its most thretening, familial features remain active, including encrypting media files for locking them, compromising network-available drives, and tampering with security features.

The Tronas Ransomware pretends that it's a Windows update, with an accompanying alert and progress bar, while it's going through the process of encrypting and blocking files. This attack includes the adding of a 'tronas' extension, which may be Irish in its etymology, although the Djvu Ransomware family's ransom notes are, usually, English. Malware experts aren't finding many other changes in the contents of the ransoming demands, which offer a time limit with a doubling of the already-expensive price of over four hundred USD.

Some of the extra security issues worthy of highlighting with the Tronas Ransomware infections can include:

  • The Tronas Ransomware may access and encrypt files over network shares, including your network-accessible backups.
  • The Tronas Ransomware may delete the Shadow Volume Copies securely for stopping victims from recovering through their Windows Restore Points.
  • Although the encryption method that the Tronas Ransomware uses requires an Internet connection, it also has a built-in failsafe encryption key for offline environments. Despite this issue, users should consider disabling their network connectivity as a general precaution.

Getting the Latest STOP Ransomware Stopped for Good

The Djvu Ransomware infections may compromise a system by gaining backdoor access through a Remote Desktop-using port, by abusing out-of-date server software vulnerabilities, by brute-forcing a poorly-chosen password and name combination, or by user-facilitated downloads like torrents or e-mail attachments. Updating software regularly, monitoring your network settings for safety issues, using secure logins, and scanning all your downloads with security software can eliminate nearly all infection vectors for the Tronas Ransomware and its older variants.

There isn't a decryptor available for unlocking any files that this Trojan blocks without the associated ransom, and may never be, due to the natural security of the RSA encryption. Keep your backups on other devices with protection that a local infection can't bypass for the quickest recovery of any documents or other files. As malware analysts expect, the anti-malware solutions of most brands are containing and deleting the Tronas Ransomware as a threat.

The Tronas Ransomware's success rates and the hundreds of dollars it collects are dependent on the behavior of the users it attacks entirely. Anyone on Windows should start considering the value of their files before going without a quick backup.

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