‘.ttt File Extension’ Ransomware

Posted: January 15, 2016
Threat Metric
Threat Level: 8/10
Infected PCs 3,555

‘.ttt File Extension’ Ransomware Description

The '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware is an update to a previous file encryptor, TeslaCrypt, with the intention of preventing its victims from retrieving their data for free. Like TeslaCrypt, the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware's revenue model is to force the PC user into paying a fee to recover any files that the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware's modified. Good backup strategies can curtail the damage of these attacks, and any plans for deleting the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware should include using anti-malware products capable of handling high-level threats.

When Old Ransomware Plans Extend to New Tactics

The '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware, along with the '.xxx File Extension' Ransomware, is an 'upgraded' variant of TeslaCrypt, a threat that scans for gaming software files and encrypts them. Since encryption makes the affected files unreadable, victims are left with limited choices for recovering their information, which the file encryptor uses to persuade them to pay for a decryption service. The '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware hasn't made any significant deviations from this business model, but the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware has made changes to the decryption-key-generating routine that makes retrieving the key harder than before.

That seemingly small modification has important implications for its victims by preventing old, anti-TeslaCrypt decryptors from working on the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware's encrypted files. Researchers may note that malware experts have seen no evidence of the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware changing the AES encryption algorithm.

The '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware also appends the .'ttt' extension to all encrypted files, although this change is purely cosmetic. Along with scanning for and encrypting your information, the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware also drops multiple instruction messages on the infected hard drive. This text recommends paying the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware's administrator for data recovery, although malware experts emphasize the inherent unreliability of such transactions. Another, minor code change also implies that the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware, like the '.xxx File Extension' Ransomware, is primarily distributing itself around the Christmas season.

Up to now, malware experts have verified installations of the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware and other TeslaCrypt-based file encryptors for Windows platforms.

Burying the Latest TeslaCrypt Derivative

File encryptors represent an attempt to place PC owners in a position where they have no choice but to pay for access to their saved files. However, files kept in safe storage resources, such as cloud servers, can be restored from those backups instead of converting your encrypted files back to normal. As a result, malware experts always emphasize the viability of common sense backup strategies for preventing file encryptors from getting out of hand.

The '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware may leave very evident symptoms of its attacks behind, but also includes subtle changes to the Windows Registry and random files names for making its identification and removal more difficult than expected. If you need to remove the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware removed, running dedicated anti-malware scanners always should be your first resort. Like TeslaCrypt and the '.xxx File Extension' Ransomware, the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware does not distribute itself. Accordingly, other threats also may assist the '.ttt File Extension' Ransomware infections.

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