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Posted: July 19, 2011

Ultimdefender.com is part of a website ring that markets and sells fake anti-virus products for profit, while not providing any real anti-virus features in return. The product of choice for ultimdefender.com is Ultimate Defender, which is loftily-referred to as Ultimate Defender 2011 Antivirus, but this program is a cheap copy of other rogue anti-virus applications, including Clean Security, Bogema Security and Ultim Block. Difficulties that are tied to ultimdefender.com and related infections include disabled anti-virus software, fake system scans, misleading infection warning pop-ups and fraudulent credit card bills. For the safety of your PC and your bank account, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend staying well away from ultimdefender.com and using good anti-malware programs to remove any software from ultimdefender.com.

How Ultimdefender.com Can Infect Your PC Before You've Ever Seen It

As a copy of other fraudulent websites with a very basic aesthetic adjustment, ultimdefender.com is no better than Ultimblock.com, Eclipseantivirus.com, Defenderunlimited.com, Ultimate-guard.com and other scamware websites from the same family. These websites, including ultimdefender.com, use misdirection and outright deceitful information to install their products, such as Ultimate Defender, onto your PC.

SpywareRemove.com malware analysts have found that most ultimdefender.com infections occur from Trojans, such as Zlob and Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert, that pretend to be browser or codec updates. After gaining access to your PC, these Trojans will display messages like the following to persuade you to install ultimdefender.com scamware of your own free will:

"[Rogue security program name] Firewall Alert! – Scanning of your system is currently on, please waiting until the end. Your system affected by numerous virus attacks, [Rogue security program name] Firewall Alert recommends you to install proper software to protect your computer?"

These fake online scans, as well as ultimdefender.com's Ultimate Defender product, are incapable of providing the anti-virus features that they pretend to offer your computer. Instead, you'll be beset by a variety of problems, as noted below.

Why Ultimdefender.com Wants to Do the Opposite of Defending Your PC

Even though ultimdefender.com products like Ultimate Defender can't do anything positive for your computer, SpywareRemove.com research team has discovered several of Ultimate Defender's real functions that you may wish weren't working after all:

  • Ultimate Defender will try to redirect you to ultimdefender.com and nag you to visit the ultimdefender.com website on a regular basis. Although Ultimate Defender's fake virus alerts will indicate that spending money at ultimdefender.com will fix all your problems, Ultimate Defender itself is the origin of any system malfunctions that you may experience.
  • Real anti-virus programs may be blocked to prevent you from uninstalling ultimdefender.com-related software and infections without any trouble. However, this damage can be repaired, and Ultimate Defender can be removed with the use of standard anti-malware tactics, such as Safe Mode, alongside properly-updated anti-malware scanners.
  • While ultimdefender.com infections aren't disabled, you'll be pestered by fake system scans, inaccurate pop-up warnings and other forms of info that try to trick you into thinking that crucial system processes and components are infected.

Consider any contact with ultimdefender.com at all to be a possible point of exposure to malware like Ultimate Defender, and be ready to use appropriate anti-malware products to scan your PC after such an event.