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Posted: July 22, 2011

Ultimate-guard.com is a mirror of other websites that market the same fake anti-spyware program, Ultimate Guard 2011. Although you will not hear so much as a peep from ultimate-guard.com about how their product fails to find or remove real spyware infections, our researchers have found it to be without any value as an anti-spyware utility. Contact with ultimate-guard.com, even without buying Ultimate Guard 2011, can also be dangerous, since the criminals behind ultimate-guard.com have a history of creating multiple rogue software clones and fraudulently charging credit cards. The lack of value in ultimate-guard.com's products and the risk that's inherent with tolerating Ultimate Guard 2011 forces our team to recommend that you remove ultimate-guard.com software with high-quality anti-virus programs lest you become another ultimate-guard.com victim.

Ultimate-guard.com: Only Half of the Scamware Scam

Going by initial appearances, ultimate-guard.com seems to be a perfectly trustworthy website with a potentially useful anti-spyware program to offer any visitor. It didn't take our SpywareRemove.com malware researchers very long to discover the nasty truth behind ultimate-guard.com's pea-green marketing scheme: that ultimate-guard.com is just one of many criminal shell companies that sell the Ultimate Guard 2011 family of rogue anti-spyware applications.

Even a casual inspection of ultimate-guard.com will reveal that ultimate-guard.com uses a similar structure to other websites that are in use by these criminals, such as unlimguard.com, clean-security.com, unlimdefender.com and ultimate-scan.com. The first of these even sells the same Ultimate Guard 2011 product, without so much as a single mention of its twin site ultimate-guard.com!

Another thing that these websites, including ultimate-guard.com, will not tell you is that they create an appearance of offering customer service that isn't backed up by actual customer service. This bait-and-switch also is used by ultimate-guard.com's product, Ultimate Guard 2011.

Our malware analysts have found that Ultimate Guard 2011 is, in all significant traits, a flat-out clone of the other rogue programs on these websites, a product line that includes Clean Security 2011, Ultimate Scan 2011 and Unlimited Defender 2011. Like the very website that promotes it, Ultimate Guard 2011 creates the appearance of being capable spyware-removing software, but can only create meaningless warnings without any attempt to find genuine spyware.

Flipping Ultimate-guard.com's Scam Upside Down to Inspect Its Underbelly

Since ultimate-guard.com software can't find or delete spyware any purchase of Ultimate Guard 2011 is, of course, wasted money. However, you may not be prepared for ultimate-guard.com's other potential abuses, which can include making multiple charges to your credit card without justification. You should speak with your credit card company about having the charges and the credit card itself revoked if you've given your credit card number to ultimate-guard.com or a related website.

Although ultimate-guard.com is a fairly new threat and has limited information available about ultimate-guard.com's propagation tactics, our researchers have found that some malware that uses the ultimate-guard.com website ring can attack your PC by using advertisements. Such advertisements often pretend to scan your computer and recommend that you install rogue software, although this isn't a hard and fast rule.

Ultimate-guard.com's rogue programs may also come with Trojans such as Zlob and Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert, both of which have a history for installing rogue security applications. Turning off Java and Flash can help you avoid possible attacks if you can't avoid visiting risky websites like ultimate-guard.com. Using anti-virus software to delete ultimate-guard.com products also is preferable to trying to uninstall these infections without help, since most rogue programs make advanced system changes such as Registry additions.