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Posted: March 13, 2014

Threat Metric

Ranking: 11,188
Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 461
First Seen: March 13, 2014
Last Seen: April 26, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Uroburos is a rootkit currently believed to be an upgraded variant of Agent.BTZ, a worm that played a central part in one of the most famous compromises of US military PC security. Along with endangering the United States, Uroburos also has been seen in measurable numbers throughout other countries, particularly Ukraine and Lithuania. As a multifaceted and multiple-component PC threat, Uroburos may endanger your PC by stealing information, installing other threat or opening backdoor vulnerabilities. Malware researchers advise using equally advanced anti-malware suites whenever finding and removing Uroburos is needed.

Uroburos: the Cyber Snake Grows a New Head

Threat campaigns often are fleeting in nature, but such isn't the case with Uroburos, a PC-based espionage project that seems to have been ongoing since 2008, if not even longer than that. Uroburos is a professionally-designed, modular PC threat, and malware specialists and other persons in the PC security industry suspect that Uroburos is an unofficial side project of the Russian state. This assumption further is strengthened by the frequent use of Russian by Uroburos's developers, their adherence to a full-time work schedule, and the fact that nations neighboring Russia have seen more than their fair share of Uroburos attacks.

Uroburos may compromise all modern versions of Windows, including 64-bit environments, and uses rootkit technology to make identifying or removing Uroburos especially difficult. Although Uroburos is module-based, and may change its attacks with the addition or subtraction of additional components, malware researchers find it safe to anticipate the following problems in any Uroburos installation:

  • The use of backdoor vulnerabilities to control your PC via issuing system commands remotely.
  • Targeted embezzlement of potentially sensitive files.
  • Network traffic may be intercepted to collect passwords and other, equally privileged information.
  • Uroburos also may compromise additional PCs through any accessible networks through the exploitation of a P2P file-sharing function.

If an infected PC does not possess an Internet connection, Uroburos is capable of 'passing along' collected information to additional PCs until Uroburos reaches one that allows Uroburos to upload its spoils.

Stopping Uroburos from Wrapping Its Coils Around Your PC

Unlike simpler forms of threats than it, Uroburos's attacks are making their marks against high-profile entities, such as corporations, intelligence agencies and other, major players in both business and government. Employees at these institutions should be aware that Uroburos is designed to avoid being detected and rarely will have any symptoms that let you identify Uroburos, or any attacks that are related to Uroburos. Common infection routes for Uroburos rootkits include both wireless networks and removable peripherals, such as any typical USB device.

Any of the above targets of Uroburos infections already should have their own protocols in place for dealing with Uroburos and removing Uroburos from any compromised PCs. However, should any ordinary citizens find that their PCs also have been subjected to an Uroburos infection, malware researchers strongly recommend using nothing less than reliable anti-malware solutions for removing Uroburos. Like all rootkits, Uroburos should be assumed to be active, even from within Safe Mode, until specific steps have been taken to disable Uroburos and related PC threats.

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