Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware

Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware Description

The Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware, a screen-locking Trojan, threatens to encrypt and delete your files unless you subscribe to a Youtube video channel within a time limit. Although the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware's payload doesn't appear to include any features for encrypting or deleting content, malware experts do rate it as being a likely security risk that you should uninstall once you identify it. Most anti-malware products can remove the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware and similar, screen-locking threats on sight.

Wishing for Views from those You Victimize

People using threatening software to make their profits sometimes can find themselves implementing less than common strategies for getting that money. Some examples of traditional, threat-based profiteering include ad-clicker Trojans that simulate advertising traffic, as well as extortionist Trojans that lock your files until you pay for their decryption. More rarely, malware experts sometimes see threats combining these aspects together like the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware.

The Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware is another imitation project faking ties to the increasingly famous WannaCryptor Ransomware family, similarly to the Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 Ransomware. Like the latter, the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware also doesn't include an encryption feature and doesn't try to lock, or otherwise damage, documents, pictures, or other media. However, the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware does load a pop-up imitating the WCry family, with one uniquely distinguishing feature.

The Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware's pop-up message shows all of the 'usual suspects' of such an attack, including threats of harm to your files, a countdown until further consequences occur, and a built-in (and fake) decryptor. However, instead of requesting a ransom-based payment, such as Bitcoins, the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware asks the victim to subscribe to a Youtube channel. In spite of that relative affordability, since malware experts are confirming that the Trojan doesn't lock any files, following this decryption advice remains unnecessary.

The Importance of Choosing Subscriptions for Yourself

The reasoning of the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware's unique 'ransom' is somewhat ambiguous; the threat actor distributing this Trojan may be trying to sabotage the associated channel with an undeserved reputation, or be using coercion to make easy advertising traffic-based revenue. While malware experts see similarities in the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware's form of extortion and the attacks of the Kindest Ransomware, the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware has no verifiable relationships to that threat and is likely of using wholly independent infection methods.

Subscribing to con artists-endorsed Web content also carries potential dangers to the audience, such as possible contact with disguised, harmful content, like fake movies links leading to drive-by-download attacks. With no clear benefit to following this Trojan's recommendations, most users should restart their computers and use appropriate anti-malware tools for implementing the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware's removal. Malware experts aren't identifying any additional attacks from the Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware to support its time limits, but you should use Safe Mode or similar features to disable the Trojan and its pop-up before a disinfection attempt.

The Wanna Subscribe 1.0 Ransomware offers an unusual angle on how threat authors make money through means both transparent and duplicitous. However, even the least-damaging request from a con artist attacking your computer is one that has almost no chance of being of benefit to the victim to obey.

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Posted: May 25, 2017
Threat Metric
Threat Level: 10/10
Infected PCs 1,548
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