‘.xort File Extension’ Ransomware

Posted: March 21, 2016
Threat Metric
Threat Level: 10/10
Infected PCs 80

‘.xort File Extension’ Ransomware Description

The '.xort File Extension' Ransomware is a member of the CryptoLocker family of file encryptors, and, like other variants of that origin, blocks your data in an attempt to force you to pay a ransom. Encryption attacks like those in the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware's payload are easily avoidable by keeping sufficiently secure backups that render the question of decrypting your PC's files moot, and good anti-malware products should uninstall the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware easily.

A File Extension Unworthy of Extending to Others

Con artists may get great productivity boosts from relying on Trojan rental 'kit' models that let them recycle proven code for different campaigns, but this same development path also helps the anti-malware industry identify new variants more quickly than independently-developed threats. The '.xort File Extension' Ransomware is another revision of CryptoLocker, similar to the Better_Call_Saul Ransomware, albeit without that threat's significant media-enhanced support features. In keeping with this Trojan family's past patterns, the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware identifies files on your computer by their formats, makes negative changes to them, and then sells a solution to its attacks back to the victims.

The '.xort File Extension' Ransomware and similar threats may install themselves with the help of secondary Trojans attached to e-mail spam, such as fake delivery invoices. Typical payloads include dropping the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware while opening documents that make the attachment appear to be harmless simultaneously. While you read the other file, the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware begins scanning your hard drive for files related to your work or information, such as MP3, XLS, TXT, DOC or JPG.

The '.xort File Extension' Ransomware encrypts any files of the relevant formats, also adding the '.xort' extension to them. This extension is not part of a file conversion function, and, instead, just allows you to identify your encrypted data more quickly than otherwise. The '.xort File Extension' Ransomware then generates a browser-based pop-up instruction demanding a ransom payment. This message also may show a countdown timer before further actions are taken, such as deleting your files or decryption key, although malware experts have seen little evidence of the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware following up on such threats.

Sorting out a .XORT File Problem

Most file encryptors limit their scope to local data stored on your PC, sometimes including Windows backups and restore points in their attacks. Files encrypted by the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware, regardless of their original formats, can't be read until you decrypt them, either by a third-party utility or by a service provided by the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware's administrators. However, these attacks are efficiently evadable by keeping multiple backups in safe locations, which will let you overwrite any damaged files without needing to decrypt them. Examples of 'safe' storage options malware experts often find viable against file encryptors include USB devices, writable DVDs and cloud servers.

There's no reason to pay the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware's ransom. However, its attacks may coincide with a variety of other security issues, such as the presence of a backdoor or additional threats. Disinfect your PC before taking any actions towards restoring your encrypted information. Before scanning your system with the anti-malware product you prefer, make sure that it's using an up-to-date threat database. Recent threats like the '.xort File Extension' Ransomware, even if they're derivatives of older ones, have historical tendencies of being capable of avoiding detection or complete deletion by outdated security software.

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