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XP Defender Plus 2013

Posted: February 20, 2013

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 53
First Seen: February 21, 2013
OS(es) Affected: Windows

XP Defender Plus 2013 is a fake anti-malware scanner that's incapable of finding legitimate infections, instead preferring to display inaccurate system warnings and system-scanning results. These attacks are used to redirect XP Defender Plus 2013's victims to a software registration form wherein money is funneled to XP Defender Plus 2013's criminal development team. SpywareRemove.com malware analysts can't see any reason to buy XP Defender Plus 2013, which is an apparent clone of similar scamware applications that have been attacking most versions of Windows. As a fraudulent and security-hampering program, XP Defender Plus 2013 should be removed as quickly as you can do it, but using a real anti-malware application if such is available.

The Danger of Entrusting XP Defender Plus 2013 with Your PC's Safety

XP Defender Plus 2013, which may be distributed by related Trojans (such as Bredolab, Cutwail or Insebro), or be distributed via website-based exploit kits, is a variant of other rogue anti-malware scanners based on the WinPC Defender family. This family, which consists of several major branches, is known for renaming its variants to make them look like they're new brands or are specific to particular versions of Windows. Some of the samples of XP Defender Plus 2013's cousins that SpywareRemove.com malware experts have noted include, but aren't restricted to Ultimate Defender, SystemDefender, IE Defender, Advanced XP Defender, XP Defender, WinDefender2008, PCTotalDefender, PC Defender 2008, Personal Defender 2009, WinDefender 2009, Perfect Defender 2009, Total Defender, Malware Defender 2009, WinPC Defender, PC Privacy Defender, Smart Defender Pro, Rogue.UltimateDefender, FraudTool.LastDefender.b and Security Defender Pro 2015.

Despite its pretending to be an anti-malware scanner, XP Defender Plus 2013 can't detect malware and is noteworthy for the following symptoms, all of which are harmful to your computer:

  • Starting automatically and displaying faked system scans without your permission. These scans are designed to generate inaccurate results that contain large lists of PC threats – even if XP Defender Plus 2013 is the only type of malware that's on your computer at the time.
  • Browser hijacks that block other sites under the pretense of protecting your PC from hostile web content.
  • Even more dangerously than the two attacks listed above, XP Defender Plus 2013 may monitor your usage of other programs and terminate other programs automatically. Typically, this also is disguised by XP Defender Plus 2013 displaying a pop-up alert and claiming that the blocked program is infected or compromised in some other way.

Why a Good Offense is Your Best Defense Against XP Defender Plus 2013

Although XP Defender Plus 2013 will encourage you to spend your money on its registration to stop the problem that XP Defender Plus 2013 causes, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers don't recommend buying XP Defender Plus 2013, which will continue to harm your PC even after XP Defender Plus 2013 is registered. To regain normal usage of your browser and all other programs, you should disable XP Defender Plus 2013 through any necessary means. Typically, booting Windows through Safe Mode will be enough to prevent XP Defender Plus 2013 from being launched.

Because XP Defender Plus 2013 is a security risk and often is installed with other PC threats, you never should try to remove XP Defender Plus 2013 without any assistance unless you consider yourself a veteran PC security professional. For their part, SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend that you remove XP Defender Plus 2013 with an actual representative of the anti-malware software that XP Defender Plus 2013 pretends to be.