YAYA Ransomware

Posted: November 13, 2020

YAYA Ransomware Description

The YAYA Ransomware is a file-locker Trojan that's from the Globe Imposter Ransomware family. The YAYA Ransomware can block documents, pictures, and other media by encrypting the files' internal data and may delete backups, change extensions or drop ransom notes. Users should have suitably-secure backups for recovering any content and let dedicated security solutions remove the YAYA Ransomware.

An Imitation Just as Threatening as the Genuine Article

The Globe Imposter Ransomware family (also stylized as 'GlobeImposter Ransomware') has had a free file-unlocking solution available since 2016, but updates to Trojan families tend to counter such antidotes. Malware experts continue estimating free recovery as unlikely with its newest versions. These include 2020's CC1H Ransomware, the Pants Ransomware, the Bepabepababy Ransomware, the 'Tors@tuta.io' Ransomware or the YAYA Ransomware. If nothing else, new updates like the YAYA Ransomware serve as reminders that taking Trojans at face value is an unwise presumption.

In the YAYA Ransomware's case, malware researchers see samples in the wild with random file names and no attached infection vector details, such as digital signatures or encompassing Trojan droppers. The threat remains capable of blocking most files through encryption, including media like documents, spreadsheets, text, music and other audio or pictures. It appends a campaign-specific extension onto their names, although victims should remember that this last action isn't responsible for the 'locked' status of the file and doesn't restore it if reversed.

Although malware researchers haven't confirmed the feature's active usage in the YAYA Ransomware infections, file-locking Trojans from the Globe Imposter Ransomware family usually include Restore Point-deleting attacks. The YAYA Ransomware also drops a Web page ransom note, similar to that of the Globe Ransomware family, thus explaining the group's name. Victims should ignore the ransom demands, ordinarily, unless they've exhausted other recovery options.

The Solution to Chameleon Trojans

The YAYA Ransomware shows symptoms similar to that of Globe Ransomware and, as far as most victims may concern themselves, is just as threatening as that older Trojan family. By blocking most files on users' PCs, it holds possibly-irreplaceable media as hostages until the payment of a ransom, which may or may not do any good. Most Windows users should treat themselves at risk from the YAYA Ransomware's campaign and protect their files with suitably-comprehensive backup strategies.

Preventing the YAYA Ransomware's distribution requires additional but general-purpose security steps that apply to most users on the Web. Malware experts particularly recommend:

  • Use strong passwords that prevent attackers from breaking through login credentials.
  • Leave macros inactive on documents and spreadsheets.
  • Update software from official sources for avoiding fake patch tactics and limiting the presence of vulnerabilities regularly.
  • Limit which websites can use risky features like pop-ups, Flash, Java and JavaScript.

Many file-locking Trojans use tactics that require the victim's assistance, such as delivering fake invoices or Coronavirus guidelines for infecting the PC. Even if the user fails at catching the threat, professional anti-malware programs should identify and delete the YAYA Ransomware.

The YAYA Ransomware is another threatening encryptor that can only cause as much damage as users allow through their careless security habits. Forgetting a backup might not seem like a big deal, but it means large ransoms for Trojans, whether they're borrowing another one's identity or proudly showing their real faces.

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