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Yoshikada Ransomware

Posted: January 31, 2018

Yoshikada Ransomware is a relatively unknown threat which is not widely distributed but has already managed to find several victims in different countries. One of the users whose files got locked up by Yoshikada Ransomware reported the issue on a popular message board, and has revealed some of the details around this new file-encryption Trojan. The operators of Yoshikada Ransomware are encrypting the files of their victims in order to be able to extort the victim for a payment in Bitcoin. The exact amount of money that Yoshikada Ransomware's authors demand is not disclosed in their message, so it is possible that the sum may change on a case-by-case scenario. The only valuable instructions that victims of Yoshikada Ransomware are provided with is to contact the attackers by sending a message to yoshikada@cock.lu. In addition to this address, the attackers also promise to restore up to three files free of charge in order to prove that they are capable of decrypting the data.

The attack vector(s) that Yoshikada Ransomware relies on are currently unknown, but it wouldn't be a surprise of spear-phishing e-mails are the primary method used to help spread Yoshikada Ransomware. The files which are taken hostage by this file-encryption Trojan will have their original extension changed to '.crypted_yoshikada@cock_lu' (e.g. 'document.doc' would be renamed to 'document.doc. .crypted_yoshikada@cock_lu').

Our suggestion to victims of Yoshikada Ransomware is to take advantage of the free decryption offer that the attackers have. Keep in mind that even if they unlock three of your files for free, you should not agree complete the ransom payment, since there's still a significant chance that you will end up getting scammed out of your money. Unfortunately, there aren't any reliable methods to recover files locked by Yoshikada Ransomware, so victims of this threat might need to look into 3rd-party file restoration solutions that are not guaranteed to work flawlessly.

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