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Ytbn Ransomware

Posted: April 1, 2021

The Ytbn Ransomware is a piece of malware classified as a file-encryption Trojan. The Ytbn Ransomware is designed to cause damage to the files found on the hard drives of infected machines, and then extort their owners for money by promising to help recover their contents. You can rest assured that this offer is not something you should consider – the criminals ask for hundreds of dollars ($490 to be exact,) and there is no way to be sure that they will not end up collecting your money without contacting you at all.

The Ytbn Ransomware is likely to be delivered to your computer via a pirated piece of software or media, a fraudulent email attachment or a fake download. You should avoid interacting with unknown sites and content, and invest in reputable anti-virus software to keep you safe from such threats. Falling victim to the Ytbn Ransomware can be devastating because you would be unable to recover the damaged files even if you remove the Ytbn Ransomware.

This Trojan's attack is recognizable by the '.ytbn' extension it adds to locked files, as well as the name of the ransom note – '_readme.txt.' The criminals offer to unlock one file for free, and instruct the victim to send it to helpteam@mail.ch or helpmanager@airmail.cc. They also say that the same emails should be contacted to receive detailed payment instructions.

As mentioned earlier, accepting the offer of Ytbn Ransomware's creators is likely to get you tricked. Do not consider their offer and, instead, run an anti-malware scanner to eliminate the threatening software. After this, try to restore from a backup, or use other data recovery techniques and software.

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