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Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi Security is the security infrastructure put in place on a wireless network or wireless connectivity to the Internet. Wi-Fi Security functions are commonly accessed by end-users through a modem or router’s configuration settings. Wi-Fi Security ultimately protects a wireless network from unauthorized access. Wi-Fi Security software can be used to prevent or monitor access to a wireless network. Firewalls are also considered to be a type of Wi-Fi Security, which prevents access to a wireless network except to those who are authorized users. Wi-Fi Security is essential when utilizing a wireless network in virtually any public environment.

There are currently 2 wi-fi security program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Security Experts Expose The Dangers of Wi-Fi Hotspots August 13, 2009
Your Committing Cybercrime by Leaving Your Wi-Fi Unsecure September 15, 2008