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Your Committing Cybercrime by Leaving Your Wi-Fi Unsecure

Posted: September 15, 2008

It's a fast growing and serious issue of people with unlimited bandwidth giving out free access to anyone within reach of their unsecured Wi-Fi network. Reports of security vendors have revealed that cyber criminals are utilizing unsecured Wi-Fi networks for their malicious actions.

In the past cyber criminals have used anonymous proxies to hide their identity but why go through the hassle if you can just use a neighbors unsecured Wi-Fi. Unfortunately for the unsecured neighbor, they may face serious legal charges against them if the criminal performs illegal activities while connected to the unsecure Wi-Fi network. Below is a list of common illegal activities that may take place when an unsecured Wi-Fi network is accessed by the wrong person.

  • Downloading of warez files and programs
  • Sending solicited or spam messages
  • Sending malspam messages that contain harmful software or links to malicious websites
  • Downloading or viewing child pornography
  • Downloading copyrighted material such as movies or music
  • Accessing illegal P2P networks that share copyrighted files
  • Sending or soliciting threatening or abusive messages
  • Change network settings to gain access to personal files
  • Gain access to personal files stored on computers connected to the unsecure Wi-Fi network
  • Port malware or rogue anti-spyware onto computers connected to the unsecure Wi-Fi network

It is best to assure that your Wi-Fi network is secure at all times even if you do not suspect anyone utilizing your wireless access. Keeping your antivirus and anti-spyware software update is always a good defense against warding off unwanted attacks through your Wi-Fi network in the case that malware is installed onto your system through your unsecure Wi-Fi network.

How do you secure your wireless network or router?

Vendors of wireless routers provide specific instructions on how to secure your wireless network. It is suggested that you visit the vendor's homepage of your wireless router and locate the instructions for securing your wireless router.

Have you been running your wireless router without using the security features so that others are not able to use your internet access? Are you going to take the necessary steps to secure your wireless network now that you are aware of the illegal activities that you may be held liable for?