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Spam is unsolicited e-mail on the Internet. Spam messages are sent out in many forms usually to solicit fake applications in an effort to gain money from computer users who fall for the spam tricks. Spam may be classified as other types of messages sent with malicious intent or with the purpose of fraudulent monetary gain. Spam messages may spread dangerous programs or files to computer users through attachments or malicious links. Spam messages may be sent out in various forms such as Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, instant messaging spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, Usenet newsgroup spam, wiki spam, and mobile phone messaging spam.

There are currently 22 spam program(s) in our database.

Name Date
'You Are Invited To Our Wedding' Spam Campaign Unleashes Trojan.Win32.Kuluoz Malware March 29, 2013
‘Steve Jobs Alive!’ Spam Spreads Waledac.C Trojan October 10, 2011
April Fool's Day Prompts Malicious Spam Messages April 1, 2008
Cybercrooks Spoof FBI In Malevolent Spam Campaigns to Spread Fake Security Program XP Total Security May 10, 2011
DHL Express Notification with the Trojan PWS-Zbot.gen.cc November 1, 2011
Fake Greetings Card E-mails – New Spam Tactic July 30, 2007
HSBC Security Improvements November 6, 2008
Mal/Dropper-PQ Infection Discovered in Spam Email Scam August 11, 2009
Malicious Spam Alert: 'Prime Minister heart attack' trojan February 20, 2008
Private Message Awaits October 16, 2008
Scam Warning: 'Adobe Acrobat X PDF Reader. Upgrade Available Now' Spam Email April 7, 2011
Smutty, Online Dating Spam Emails Spread Mal/BredoZp-B September 6, 2011
Spam Alert: ‘CNN.com Daily Top 10′ Email Contains Malware August 6, 2008
Spam Alert: New Up-rise of Casino Related Spam Emails May 21, 2009
Spam Email Volumes Soar and Indonesian Government Web Server Gets Hacked over World Cup June 15, 2010
Spam Levels Highest Since 2007 July 1, 2009
Spammers Capitalizing on Swine Flu to Pitch Bogus Medications April 29, 2009
Spammers Using Twitter to Cash-In on Iran and new iPhone Topics June 19, 2009
Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Act of 2001 November 12, 2001
Warning: ‘We are going to sue you’ Spam Email Spreads ‘Trojan Downloader’ September 22, 2011
You visit illegal websites May 6, 2011
Your account has been violated! Wachovia October 2, 2008