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LyricsContainer is adware that uses the feature of providing lyrics for your music videos as justification for injecting advertisements into your browser – no matter which sites you’re viewing at the time. Malware researchers haven’t classified LyricsContainer as anything worse than a Potentially Unwanted Program, but also reminders all readers that adware programs that take control of your browsers away from you are detrimental to the safety and performance of your PC. Whether you installed LyricsContainer intentionally or ended up with LyricsContainer by accident after installing a seemingly unrelated program that bundled with LyricsContainer, deleting LyricsContainer with good anti-malware tools is the best solution.

The Container with Something Extra Besides a Musical Accompaniment

In spite of its marketing as a music video-enhancing lyrics provider, LyricsContainer also has various functions not related to its lyrical features, including a range of generic browser modifications. With respect to categorizing LyricsContainer, the most important of its functions is its advertising-promoting ones, which may inject advertisements into your browser directly or display additional pop-up advertisements while you browse an unrelated site. Since advertising from PUPs like LyricsContainer may be used to deliver various attacks disguised with basic social engineering techniques (such as faking a browser patch), malware researchers don’t encourage any extended interaction with LyricsContainer’s advertisements.

LyricsContainer doesn’t allow you to disable its advertisements and, even if you may uninstall LyricsContainer through normal methods like the Windows Control Panel, LyricsContainer shouldn’t be trusted to delete all of its browser changes fully.

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This is a trait LyricsContainer shares with many similar adware programs, particularly fellow CrossRider platform-based add-ons like LyricsPal, LyricsOn, ElectroLyrics or LyricsMonkey. Even if you perceive some benefits from LyricsContainer’s lyrics-based features, its means of implementing advertising support is more than enough to consider LyricsContainer adware that should be removed for the sake of your browser’s security.

Breaking Your Browser out of Advertising Containment

If you have appropriate browser security and practice overall good safety habits with respect to how you browse the Web, a brief LyricsContainer infection shouldn’t be indicative of any major harm incoming to your computer. While malware experts do suggest removing LyricsContainer with qualified anti-malware products for safety’s sake, its presence need not be treated as equal to that of Trojan or other high-level threat that’s designed to attack your PC directly and deliberately.

LyricsContainer and similar CrossRider add-ons do have histories of using software bundles for distribution, which is another point they have in common with the overall majority of adware. Free software websites and piracy-riddled download networks are two of the most popular ways of distributing software bundles containing PUPs, and avoiding them can do your PC a world of good in terms of keeping LyricsContainer’s advertisements out of your browser.


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