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Topic Torch Virus Description

The Topic Torch Virus is a search engine toolbar that claims to be able to provide ‘fun’ and ‘efficient’ search results, but the capabilities appear to be specialized on generating advertisement-based revenue via Yontoo Adware (known as the Yontoo Layers program). By altering your web content to include irrelevant and monetized advertisements, Topic Torch Virus may endanger your web-browsing experience. Topic Torch Virus also has been known to modify your browser’s settings in an attempt to promote its own search-related services. Because the Topic Torch Virus’s functions aren’t related to its supposed purpose as a toolbar, you should consider the Topic Torch Virus malicious and delete the Topic Torch Virus with the same anti-malware utilities that you’d use against a similar browser hijacker or other hostile add-on for your browser.

In the Shadow of the Topic Torch Virus’s Attacks

Rather than a true virus that infects files arbitrarily, Topic Torch Virus is a browser add-on or toolbar that tends to infiltrate your PC by posing as a useful search utility. The Topic Torch Virus may provide some search results that happen to be useful, but as Yontoo-based adware similar to the TornTV Hijacker, the Topic Torch Virus’s major functions shouldn’t be considered anything but harmful to your browser and overall computer.

Malware researchers have noticed the following issues with the toolbar casually referred to as the Topic Torch Virus:
  • The insertion of additional monetized content (such as advertisements or unnecessary links) by the exploitation of an extra content ‘layer’ that’s added by Yontoo.
  • Having your homepage set to, the Topic Torch Virus’s website.
  • Being redirected to Topic Torch Virus’s site (as noted above) from other sites, particularly search engines.
  • The addition of a Topic Torch search bar to your web browser.

While a casual PC user’s first instinct might be to change their browser’s settings, these attacks can’t be remedied without removing the underlying toolbar and Topic Torch Virus.

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Unlike reputable add-ons, the Topic Torch Virus may refuse to be disabled or uninstalled by normal methods.

Dimming Topic Torch Virus’s Browser-Searing Idea of ‘Helping’ Your Searches

Because the browser changes that Topic Torch Virus creates can endanger your PC by exposing you to harmful web content, security analysts encourage to remove the Topic Torch Virus as soon as possible after you’re aware of its presence. Switching your web browser or deleting and reinstalling it may put an end to redirects to Topic Torch Virus, but such a superficial solution will not remove the Topic Torch Virus malware that’s installed on your computer.

Yontoo-based browser hijackers such as the Topic Torch Virus should be removed routinely with appropriate anti-malware products. Contact with sites that are related to the Topic Torch Virus, Yontoo, or other Yontoo-based PC threats (such as TornTV) is discouraged, although malware experts note that brief, protected contact with Topic Torch Virus’s website may not be an immediate infection vector.

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