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Help! Malware Blocks SpyHunter Anti-Spyware Software or Access to the Web

Posted: September 19, 2010

There are type of malware infections that will prevent you from downloading a security program such as SpyHunter.

Install SpyHunter Offline

If malware prevents you from downloading or installing SpyHunter, click the Alternate SpyHunter Installer link below using a secondary, clean computer, copy the SpyHunter installation file to a blank CD-R, USB flash drive or some other removable storage media, and then install it to the damaged computer. This Alternate SpyHunter Installer link also deals with the occurrence of the 'Open With' dialog box appearing every time you try to run SpyHunter.

Click Here for Alternate SpyHunter Installer Link

Symptoms of Hard-to-Tackle Malware

The following symptoms are a clear indication that your system has been infected with malware designed to self-replicate and self-execute without you even knowing that it's happening.

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and steps to uninstall SpyHunter.

You may need the alternative SpyHunter download method if you're experiencing the following symptoms on your computer:

  • Anti-virus or anti-spyware program currently installed no longer run or update.
  • Not able to open Internet Explorer to surf the web.
  • System settings changed without permission.
  • Unable to start Windows in Safe Mode.
  • Internet connection becomes slow or disconnected.
  • Browser redirects to 404 error pages.
  • You notice that a program or file is suddenly missing.
  • Fake security messages are repeatedly displayed on your screen.
  • Suspicious icons appear on your Desktop.
  • Your computer is performing poorly or has drastically slowed down in performance.
  • Google, Yahoo or MSN search results are hijacked and are replaced with results listing advertisement websites.
  • Security related websites cannot be accessed or seemed to be blocked.
  • Disabled Command Prompt, Task Manager, and RegEdit.
  • System Restore is blocked.
  • Hidden or disabled "Folder" options.

Why Does an 'Open With' Dialog Box Appear When You Install SpyHunter?

If 'Open With' box appears when you try to open SpyHunter, learn why this is happening.

Alternate Methods to Disable Malware and Repair PC

If all of the previous attempts to download or install SpyHunter fail, then you can try the following:

Restart your System into Safe Mode

Boot your computer into 'Safe Mode with Networking' and then enter theAlternate SpyHunter Installerlink into your web browser.

Switch to an Alternate Web Browser to Download Security Software

If you're not able to download or install security software online and are using Internet Explorer, malware may be targeting IE's vulnerabilities to block the downloading process. So whether you follow any of the methods to regain control of your computer in this article, you should switch over to an alternate web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, which have made great progress with phishing and malware protection to help keep PC users safe online.

Check for Hosts File Hijacking

The Windows Hosts file on your computer is used to control Internet browsing and it can easily become corrupt or damaged by malware. A corrupted Hosts file can affect the user's ability to access certain websites or can cause the web browser to redirect to unwanted websites.

To fix or restore your Hosts file, you must find the file located in the Windows folder path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. If the Hosts file cannot be located in the beforehand mentioned location, you must uncheck "hide protected operating system files" in the "Folder Options Control Panel" on Windows XP to view the file called "hosts".

Take extreme caution when modifying your Hosts file and if you're in doubt, get a computer expert to walk you through it or do it for you. You can also use Microsoft's "Fix it" tool to automatically restore your Hosts file to its default configuration.

To have administrative access to change your Hosts file in Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must click "Start", click "All Programs", click "Accessories", right-click "Notepad", click "Run as administrator", open "hosts" file, and make the desired changes.

Disable DNS Caching to Restore Access to Internet and Blocked Security Websites

DNS cache-poisoning and hijacked host attacks have become more frequent nowadays. Considered the most popular form of 'pharming', DNS cache-poisoning involves redirecting PC users to phishing websites that are designed to resemble well-known websites, and where attackers try to either steal personal information or install malware.

Therefore, one method to restore access to the Internet and view security-related websites blocked by malicious software infections is to disable the DNS cache.

Turn off DNS Caching for Windows XP

  1. Go to the "Start" menu then select "Run".
  2. Type in "cmd" and click "OK".
  3. Type in "net stop dnscache" and then press "Enter".
  4. Type "Exit" after seeing the message "The DNS Client service was stopped successfully".
  5. DNS Caching should now be turned off.

Turn off DNS Caching for Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Go to the "Start" menu and then type in "cmd" in the search box.
  2. Right-click on "cmd" and then click on "Run as administrator".
  3. Click "Continue" in the "User Account Control prompt".
  4. DNS Cashing should now be turned off.

Are you still having issues downloading or installing SpyHunter, performing certain functions on your system or browsing the Internet? Be sure to post your situation below. If you're already a SpyHunter customer, you can submit a customer support ticket through SpyHunter.


  • Software Support says:

    The basic premise is that malware can be very good at defending itself, so the best way to remove it, is not to let it run in the first place. You can do this by booting an infected machine from a CD and running an operating system off the CD that treats the C disk as a data disk.

  • Peter says:

    I still can't open the software, after trying all the opions. Turing the installation a window pops up, as usual when I try to make a software running, and tells me that internet security prevent the .....exe file from opening.
    That happens with all the software even with fix it from MS.
    What can I do ?

  • joshua says:

    ive tried everything, and anything that needs to be downloaded and installed gets denied because i have no privilege. i fucking hate this virus. sorry for the course language.

  • Brandon I NEED HELP says:

    where can i get that fast my laptop that i use for school and has a paper i need worth over 200 points!!!!!! help anyone

  • jule says:

    my sons three week old laptop has this virus and is stopping everything, all the remedies the internet suggested i cannot do even making a cd but it wont let me open anything please help

  • Anon says:

    That's the last time I watch porn.....

  • Dave says:

    It worked!! My computer was unusable because of the win 7 thing and this took care of it. Bless your heart! I had to use the second fix as it wouldnt let me open the first one. I am so thankful!! Dave

  • dave says:

    This Win 7 virus took over my computer! I couldnt click on anything and it would pop up saying I had a virus. It looked just like a windows app but it wasnt. I went to CNET and typed in the name. This came up, the first one didt work as it wouldnt let me open the app once I put it on the infected copmputer. I used the second one that it says to use and thank God it took it away. I'm so happy someone is writing fix's for things like this. My only other option was a complete reformat and hours of reloading programs and files. Thank you so much I would have paid anything to have it fixed when I was trying to do a system restore and all the other things I tried.. Thank you!!! Dave

  • Suzi says:

    FIXED!!! I was getting blocked at every attempt to open anything .. but finally realized that if I right click on any of the applications, and select run as administrator, I can get the other software to run ... I was able to run a free version of iobit malware fighter and it found the virus doing the full scan .. phew ...

  • mark says:

    how do i remove vista antispyware because it is not letting me go online or showing up in my programs

  • Tom says:

    May God bless you in this holiday season for your wonderful works. You saved my brand new laptop from those evil people at Win 7 security. I was able to get my Mcafee (that I had already paid for) on the new laptop.

  • daryl says:

    My computer got the xp antivirus...VIRUS.. a few days ago. the virus wouldent allow me to use any of the 3 scans ive got, (and use regularly) and wouldent allow me to access any program i have. after 3 hours of trying this and trying that with no luck, i finally restarted the computer and as quick as possible i went into the \"restore\" program and got to it before the virus had time to load. i restored my computer to 2 weeks prior to getting the virus and it worked great! i then updated my antivirus and my 3 scans and scanned through and removed the virus.

  • Brenda says:

    Thank you!! I was scared out of my mind when my brand new laptop kept having random pop-ups... At first I thought it was just the Wi-fi being overused, due to it being party-time.. but you have now saved my life! Crossing my fingers this works. Thanks for the useful info!

  • Mikey says:

    First thing, if you don't have access to another, un-infected computer and the net, you will not get anywhere. Second, if a solution doesn't work, reboot into safe mode, right click on the app and run as admin. The other thing I noticed, when I tried to re-install Windows, it never gave a warning about Windows already exists and you will write over it. I have 3 Window 7 OS's. I gave each one a unique name, so I could keep track of what worked where.

    I've downloaded at least 6 freeware apps, FixNCR, RKill and TDSS showed I did have a virus, but could not get it out. I'm going to try the 21 Sep 2010 suggestion, again.

  • Randy says:

    I have this virus on my grand daughters computer an even trying this method doesn't work ( running an OS from a cd that treats c as a data disk ) am trying other options with other os versions on other boot disks at moment if i find somthing that works short of reformating or fdisk this hard drive i"ll post..

  • topdog says:

    i have a window xp and a virus has took total control cant get online cant goto safe mode if i use the alternet spyhunter will that wor if i download from an computer that not infected?

  • TeQia Morse says:

    OMG , does this really work ? i am really stressing

  • SB says:

    After you wipe out the XP security virus, how do you get all your programs back? All my programs are now gone.

  • brian says:

    Hibernation virus - where you lost all adminstrative control (but don't know it) is very tough. You cannot boot from CD..because it does not cold boot. So to see if your box is infected: Pull power on live system. Add additional SATA devices, IDE if supported, switch port positions of the existing harddrive. This virus uses preset BIOS,it does not automatically BIOS detect. Is your BIOS shadowed ? Anyway, a clean system would not be phased by the additional hardware, true BIOS detects on whatever was added and boots accordingly. Hibernation virus computer will NOT like this, because its not coming up from cold boot-up. it will recover...but it might reload itself at least once, might even splash something about 'installing updates'.

  • Ahmed says:

    i cant even open up paint thats how screwed i am Help!!

  • Sarah says:

    Omg! I was stuck with Windows Advanced user patch for the whole night, and i had to spend the night trying to remove it, but finially i did! ๐Ÿ™‚ So now i am warning everybody that i know to NEVER EVER install Windows Advanced user Patch, because I do not want them to suffer the way that I suffered. The creators of Windows Advanced User Patch should be sued.

  • Jean Girling says:

    Hi. I am trying to install SpyHunter on an infected computer. I have started in Safe mode Admin and Safe mode User and both times i get the message, The system administrator has set policies to prevent this instalation. I am loading from a memory stick. Please help.

  • Steven says:

    I had this trojan on the secured laptop provided my my employer. Security prevents me from doing the actions suggested, while it doesn't prevent this from infecting me. So, I hae a new image, everything reinstalled, took me hours, inly to become reinfected 2 days later.
    PLEASE tell me how to PREVENT getting infected where regular anti virus/malware programs appear ineffective.

  • ak says:

    this is not helpful at all, because if you need to use it on a computer effected by this situation, you need to download & use it offline to fix the issue on other PC.

  • Richard says:

    My virus has disabled the broadband router essentialy cutting me off from any help as no antivirus would load without "connecting to network". I had to start up in safe mode with networking, search for the control panel then enable the broadband router to get an antivirus to install.

  • Renegade says:

    i cannot get to the desktop even when starting up in safe mode it goes straight to the infected website after loggin in... help what should i do to get to the desktop in safe mode??????

  • lol says:

    try running it as admin

  • ron mclean says:


  • Bob says:

    I was able to start mine in safe mode with networking. I was then able to run hitman pro. It got rid of the FBI crap

  • neil griggs says:

    mouse dont work what can I do UKASH on i/ex can you help.I have no money am on sickness benefit with terminal illness the comp is my only contact with anyone lukyly Im useing old comp no one wanted