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Posted: July 4, 2013

EKLENTI is a browser add-on that hijacks your social networking accounts for multiple purposes, including promoting arbitrary content and distributing spam (which can include links to the PC threats that install EKLENTI and FACETTI). EKLENTI and FACETTI both are installed through a fake Flash update, much like PC threats such as Win32.Sanity.N, the Mousetrap Trojan or BKDR_KRIDEX.KA. Caution around social network-sent links will help to avoid the 'updates' that install EKLENTI and FACETTI, but SpywareRemove.com malware researchers also suggest using anti-malware programs that can block such malicious content in any event of your browser loading EKLENTI and FACETTI by accident. Like any malware, EKLENTI and FACETTI should be removed with dedicated anti-malware tools in as short a time frame as is possible.

EKLENTI and FACETTI: Two New Reasons to Avoid Clicking Shortened Links

EKLENTI and FACETTI are promoted by spam attacks, often launched by EKLENTI and FACETTI, themselves, which are found on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking services. The attacks usually utilize accounts that have been hijacked from legitimate PC users who have had their PCs compromised. The contents of these spam messages include links with the Web addresses intentionally shortened to conceal their Web pages. Since this is a common practice for sites like Twitter, which abide by strict character limits, a normal social networker may easily be lured into clicking on the link, which redirects to a fraudulent Flash update.

The Flash update, rather than installing Flash, installs EKLENTI and FACETTI – a pair of separate browser add-ons, one of which even will pretend to be a normal Flash Player. SpywareRemove.com malware experts do feel the need to emphasize that such infection vectors are one of the most popular attack strategies for distributing malware of various sorts, including high-level PC threats like rootkits and banking Trojans. Even though the EKLENTI and FACETTI are currently most well-distributed in Turkey, EKLENTI and FACETTI can be applied equally effectively to other countries around the world.

The Next Step in EKLENTI and FACETTI's Master Plan: Taking Over Your Opinion

EKLENTI and FACETTI include basic down-and-install functions that allow them to place additional malicious components on your computer. Once the installation process is complete, EKLENTI and FACETTI have access to various social networking and media accounts on your computer, such as Youtube, Ask.fm and various Internet polling sites. These attacks appear to be used primarily to compromise aggregate user data systems (such as the common 'like/dislike' system) with fake information – fake 'likes,' fake poll answers, etc. However, SpywareRemove.com malware research team also warns that EKLENTI and FACETTI are capable of using any accessible social networking accounts for distributing more of their own spam messages.

Removing FACETTI and EKLENTI from your computer should be something done as soon as possible, but because these PC threats include various concealed components, SpywareRemove.com malware experts don't recommend attempting a manual deletion of these PC threats – even if they are partially visible like ordinary software. Anti-malware products should be able to delete all components of FACETTI and EKLENTI infections, and the sooner you do so, the less chance you have of your own accounts distributing FACETTI and EKLENTI spam.