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AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scam

Posted: September 19, 2013

Threat Metric

Ranking: 10,934
Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 1,068
First Seen: September 19, 2013
Last Seen: September 17, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scam is an ongoing scam campaign that uses unsolicited phone calls to encourage victims to install Remote Access Tools (RATs) that may be used to control their computers. Although the AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scam's methodology tries to deceive any victims into believing that these phone calls are from a legitimate branch of Microsoft technical support, Microsoft is unaffiliated with the Ammyy company, which also has a confirmed history of distributing threats and spamming forums. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend using anti-malware software to uninstall any software related to the AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scam and treat any information given to this fraudulent 'company' as compromised.

Why Malware Can Come from Your Phoneline Just as Easily as from the Internet

The AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scam is firmly based on the fraudulent Ammyy company, which markets a Remote Access Tool named Ammyy Admin. Although RATs may, in theory, be used for beneficial purposes, they also often are exploited to create unlawful connections between computers and allow criminals to access your PC without your permission. What makes the Ammyy Admin particularly of interest to SpywareRemove.com malware experts isn't what Ammyy Admin does, but how Ammyy Admin is distributed: by cold calls.

The criminals involved in this company recently have taken to calling victims seemingly at random and informing them that their PCs have been infected with various threats. Fake employees also frequently claim to be sent from a branch of Microsoft – although it should be noted that Microsoft does not use unsolicited phone calls as a means of technical support! After dispensing their excuses for the call, you'll be instructed to install Ammyy Admin and may also be requested to give your personal information to the purveyors of the AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scam. Such technical support scams also often attempt to request direct money transfers from their victims.

Hanging Up on an Antivirus Phone Scam

Because Ammyy Admin is roughly equivalent to a backdoor Trojan and can allow criminals to use your PC for unauthorized purposes, uninstalling Ammyy Admin should be considered a high priority security task. SpywareRemove.com malware analysts recommend using anti-malware tools for this purpose as a way of guaranteeing that all software affiliated with Ammyy is removed completely. Any meaningful delay in performing these actions may allow criminals opportunities to steal personal information or damage your PC.

Compared to spam, drive-by-downloads or other infection vectors, phone scams like AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scams are not extremely popular ways to deliver unsafe software. However, a successful case of an AMMYY Microsoft Phone Support Scam is no less damaging to you or your PC than any other kind of malicious software-based attack, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts must remind all readers that PC security vigilance doesn't always stop at your PC.

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  • Aliasgar Babat (@aliasgar_babat) says:

    That’s the exact reason I prefer using alternatives to AmmyyAdmin like RHUB remote support servers. It provides unprecedented security for all our remote access needs.