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A vulnerability threat may not be an actual malware parasite but a series of flaws or lack of proper security within a system or its software that could be exploited by hackers or cybercriminals. In some instances, a vulnerability threat could be a type of malware that is designed to exploit or leverage a flaw within an application or through system’s communication channels.

Hackers and cybercrooks commonly leverage vulnerabilities that are often found in software apps. Such vulnerabilities are rather common and are often patched by software companies, or at least issues an update to the program to eliminate the known vulnerability. However, discovered vulnerabilities are sometimes not patched or repaired fast enough where a hacker could exploit it with specialized malware before the vulnerability is found or fixed.

Vulnerability threats can often be a collection of processes known to hackers and cybercrooks that are used to attack a system or server.

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There are currently 17 vulnerability program(s) in our database.

Name Date
BlueBorne December 29, 2019
BlueKeep May 24, 2019
Danti March 24, 2020
Deletebug exploit May 24, 2019
Dragonblood Vulnerability April 11, 2019
EternalRed October 9, 2020
Foreshadow April 16, 2019
KlipboardSpy February 26, 2020
KRACK Vulnerability April 11, 2019
Meltdown December 29, 2019
Rowhammer Attack April 16, 2019
SMBGhost March 13, 2020
Spectre December 29, 2019
Spoiler Vulnerability April 15, 2019
StrandHogg December 17, 2019
URGENT/11 December 29, 2019
XXE Injection April 22, 2019