'Biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware

Posted: September 28, 2020

'Biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware Description

The 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware is a file-locking Trojan that's from Dharma Ransomware, a Ransomware-as-a-Service that hires its Trojan software out to third-party attackers. Users require backups to guarantee recovery, since the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware may encrypt and lock files permanently, along with deleting backups. However, most anti-malware programs will flag and remove the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware.

The Projectile that Came Back for More Targets

With hundreds of file-locking Trojans of different birthrights, from freeware to long-lived 'service' businesses like the Dharma Ransomware, it's no wonder that their identities see recycling. For the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware, the incidental choice of its extension could throw confusion onto some victims, who might mistake it for a much older variant of its same family. It's fortunate that, unlike some cases of mistaken identity, the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware's issue doesn't provoke any confusion between different families with totally-different decryption requirements or features.

The 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware's family's campaigns are a multiple-year phenomenon that is available for comparison in cases like the Blend Ransomware, the Hlpp Ransomware, and the SySS Ransomware, or the younger TEREN Ransomware. Most campaigns use naming conventions linking to their extensions, which they add to the victim's files after encrypting (or 'locking') them securely. It's this attack that's most infamous among Ransomware-as-a-Services by providing random, possibly-unskilled attackers with the means for taking data on servers or home users' computers hostage.

The 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware shows no unusual behavior for a member of the Dharma RaaS, but malware experts do see a symptom that's more-identical than typical. Its extension of 'arrow,' which it adds to the non-opening media as a visual marker, is one that's already in use by an ancient member of the same family, the Arrow Ransomware of 2018. The latter isn't likely to be in deliberate circulation as of 2020, but the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware wields much of the same features, including locking data and deleting backups and modifying security-related settings for circumventing Windows safety features.

Telling Newcomers Apart from Old Hands in Trojan Attacks

The 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware's e-mail, which it also appends to any documents, archives, pictures, or similar media, is a telltale symptom that can offer a plain differentiation between itself and other Dharma Ransomware variants. It includes a reference to meme-heavy social media that might lead towards a possible infection vector, such as forum-spammed posts containing links to the threat, or be incidental. Malware experts especially recommend that Windows users who are at risk from the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware's payload look at all e-mail attachments carefully before interacting or enabling any embedded macros.

Administrators have more specific responsibilities concerning maintaining updated software and passwords that can block the brute-force attacks that RaaS threat actors might use. Without preventing infections, users are at risk of having all their custom files under a permanent, encryption-based lock-down. Paying the ransom (as per the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware's HTA note's directions) doesn't trigger an automated recovery service and may backfire.

Backups sufficiently secured in other devices can keep any files adequately protected. Anti-malware products also will block most infection exploits and should remove the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware automatically, as long as they're active.

Just as there are only countless words in the English language, there are only a set number of ways of sabotaging a computer's digital media. Appropriately enough, anyone on Windows who's taking the right safety steps against the oldest versions of this Ransomware-as-a-Service will be equally safe from Johnny-come-lately cases like the 'biashabtc@redchan.it' Ransomware.

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