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Posted: July 19, 2011

Malware-defender.com ScreenshotMalware-defender.com is a fake anti-virus program website that steals money and credit card information, by selling scamware like Malware Defender, which is also sold under the name Malware Defender 2011. Even though malware-defender.com proudly announces that its product is still available 'at 2010 prices,' Malware Defender is a recent rogue anti-virus program that's a direct clone from other rogue AV products like Eclipse Antivirus and Unlimited Defender. You can expect to see no real virus-detection or removal features on Malware Defender application, and playing host to such malicious programs may result in problems accessing your real anti-malware applications. In all cases, the best thing for your PC and bank account is to avoid giving malware-defender.com the credit card information that malware-defender.com so desperately craves and instead use a good anti-malware program to remove all malware-defender.com-related infections.

The Malware That Malware-defender.com Uses to Gain Access to Your Credit Card

Unlike a real anti-malware website, malware-defender.com uses a variety of deceptive marketing tactics and software distribution techniques to gain a foothold on your PC. Besides presenting entirely fake information about Malware Defender and its own company history, malware-defender.com will make use of Trojans and browser exploits to install Malware Defender under false pretenses.
Consequentially, you may find that Malware Defender is accompanied by such infections as Zlob or Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Trojans, especially if the malware-defender.com product was installed as part of an online scanner's recommendation. Be especially careful around fake updates for browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, since malware-defender.com Trojans have been known to prefer such disguises.
SpywareRemove.com malware researchers have found that the following message often occurs as a symptom of these attacks:
"Malware Defender Firewall Alert! – Scanning of your system is currently on, please waiting until the end. Your system affected by numerous virus attacks, Malware Defender Firewall Alert recommends you to install proper security program to protect your computer?"

The Rotten Apple That Malware-defender.com Really Wants to Sell to You

Trojans aside, even Malware Defender's inherent attributes are more than unpleasant enough to warrant deleting Malware Defender from your hard drive as soon as possible:

  • Malware-defender.com programs such as Malware Defender lack all of their supposed anti-virus functions and can only create false positives and fake warnings as a cheap substitute for the real thing.
  • Malware-defender.com programs will try to force you to spend money on malware-defender.com. Exposing your credit card to the criminals that run malware-defender.com can result in serious crimes, such as repeated and fraudulent charges and identity theft.
  • Malware-defender.com programs will try to destroy your ability to use legitimate anti-virus and security programs, so as to prevent you from uninstalling any malware-defender.com malicious program.

The above includes not only Malware Defender, but other clones of malware-defender.com as well, such as  bogemasecurity.com's Bogema Security, ultimblock.com's Ultim Block and  antivirusedition.com's Antivirus Edition. If you need to delete malware-defender.com rogue anti-virus programs, clones of such programs or related Trojans, SpywareRemove.com malware analysts recommend that you first disable the guilty infection by using Safe Mode or an external hard drive-based Windows boot.