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‘Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda’ Ransomware

Posted: July 30, 2013

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 36
First Seen: July 30, 2013
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware is a fake Police Trojan targeting Hungarian victims, similar to the 'Police Magyarország Rendőrség' Ransomware or the 'Magyar Rendőrség' Virus. After infiltrating susceptible computers seemingly at random, the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware will configure its fake pop-up alert to display once Windows starts, using it to accuse you of abusing your computer for criminal purposes while simultaneously locking Windows. As a Trojan without any ties to Hungary's police force, the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware doesn't need to be heeded, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts personally suggest the use of all appropriate anti-malware software and basic security strategies for disabling the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware without giving in to the ransom its pop-up demands.

Investigating the Investigators with a Look at 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware

The 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware is a recent addition to its family of Police Ransomware Trojans, with previous attacks scattered throughout the world, always using their fake alerts to target specific countries, just as the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware targets Hungary. Some samples of these include the 'Služba Kriminální Policie a Vyšetřování' Ransomware, the 'Ministry of Public Safety New Zealand' Virus, the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware, the 'Arma dei Carabinieri' Ransomware, the 'Unité Spéciale de la Police' Ransomware, the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware, the 'Canadian Association Of Chiefs Of Police' Virus, the 'Dansk Rigspolitiet' Ransomware and the 'Svensk National Bureau of Investigation' Ransomware.

Current infection vectors related to the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware are estimated to include drive-by-download exploits, which may install 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware without any symptoms. However, once the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware is installed, the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware shows an absolutely unmissable symptom: a Hungarian pop-up alert claiming that your computer has been locked by the authorities for its misuse in pornographic endeavours and similar Internet crimes.

Since its pop-up warning is easily identified as fraudulent with just a little foreknowledge, SpywareRemove.com malware experts are most concerned with the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware's system lockdown, which can require strenuous security measures to circumvent. Booting your PC from CD, DVD or USB device is recommended on any first attempt at disabling the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware's lockdown – and is needed to access the utilities that can disinfect your PC and remove 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware.

Throwing Your False Police Officer into the Virtual Slammer

The 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware uses its combination of police alert and system lockdown to demand your payment of a supposedly legal fine, but this fee will not help your computer and, above all else, is an unlawful request not backed up by the Hungarian government. Knowing this, you always should act quickly to delete the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware with a strong anti-malware program as soon as you begin to see its pop-ups.

The 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware requires the assistance of other types of PC threats, such as exploit kits and other Trojans, to be installed onto your PC. In most cases, malicious websites, hacked websites or spam-distributed files are related to the attacks that install the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware and related Police Trojans. SpywareRemove.com malware experts accordingly emphasize the usefulness of Web browser security for preventing the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware attacks, which can include disabling exploitable Web content, using your browser's security features and keeping all related software patched.

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The following messages's were detected:
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lFIGYELEM! A számítógépe meg van blokkolva a biztonsági megfontolásokból a következ? okok miatt.
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