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Posted: December 6, 2013

Ouc.pageimage.net is a site with a limited history that's recently become tinged with the predictable taint of adware and other browser-modifying PC threats. Malware researchers haven't linked Ouc.pageimage.net to the promotion of any specific toolbars or other browser products, and have reason to suspect that harmful software is ultimately responsible for the redirects, pop-ups and other attacks tied to Ouc.pageimage.net. No matter what format these problems take, you always should delete Ouc.pageimage.net with dedicated anti-malware utilities that are able to ensure the total disinfection of your browser, system Registry and all related software.

An Image that Will Linger Even When You Ask It to Leave

Ouc.pageimage.net is a site that has no content of its own, only being used for loading third party advertisements and similar Web content under appropriate conditions. To the lament of malware researchers, 'appropriate conditions' also include the requests of browser hijackers and adware, which recently have been seen employing Ouc.pageimage.net-promoting functions largely. This campaign was first identified around November of 2013, with concurrent ones making use of similar sites like Jno.jsstatis.net, Mkd.fastdist.net, Efc.pkgmirror.net, Ggk.findsection.net, Pnl.hostjs.net and Ywi.jsst.net.

The average victim of Ouc.pageimage.net attacks usually reports browser incidents such as being redirected to Ouc.pageimage.net or seeing Ouc.pageimage.net-based pop-up advertisements, but these aren't the only issues that may be occurring. Browser-based PC threats also have been known for disabling security features (especially for Internet Explorer), injecting advertisements into irrelevant websites or, in some cases, even monitoring your behavior for the purposes of tracking financially profitable information. Malware researchers still are confirming which browsers are affected by this Ouc.pageimage.net campaign, but note that most similar PC threats tend to be compatible with several prominent brands of Windows browsers at the same time.

Turning the Page from Ouc.pageimage.net

The Web content loaded through Ouc.pageimage.net may be used to attack your computer through unreliable scripts, misrepresented 'bargains' (such as a traditional phishing attacks that steals your personal information while pretending to offer you a prize) and misleading system alerts. Due to all of these risks, malware experts consider the deletion of Ouc.pageimage.net adware, browser hijackers and other Ouc.pageimage.net PC threats to be non-negotiable for keeping your PC safe. Dedicated software-based anti-malware solutions also are encouraged for uninstalling any hidden software and removing any related system changes that are common with these types of threats.

On the other hand, neither does the story of browser hijacks and pop-ups end with Ouc.pageimage.net, alone. Malware researchers also have taken stock of various other Web domains involved in recent rising adware/browser-hijacking campaigns. Mkd.fastdist.net, Pnl.hostjs.net, Jno.jsstatis.net, Mkd.fastdist.net, Efc.pkgmirror.net, Ggk.findsection.net and Ywi.jsst.net are some of the most prominent ones, so far, and continual vigilance against all similar sources of Web-browsing danger is recommended.

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