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Posted: December 6, 2013

Ywi.jsst.net is an advertising site sometimes seen as the delivery vehicle for pop-up advertisements and other functions related to low-level threats to your PC, such as adware add-ons. While the company maintaining ownership of Ywi.jsst.net doesn't have what malware experts would call stellar business practices, neither is Ywi.jsst.net a clear danger to your PC – unless other PC threats force Ywi.jsst.net to load repeatedly through browser-modifying attacks. If you do see any of the easily-recognized symptoms of an infection by Ywi.jsst.net adware or Ywi.jsst.net hijackers, you should consider your PC compromised until the right anti-malware tools have a chance to uninstall all threats and PUPs responsible for your browser malfunctions.

Only a Small Problem with Jsst.net

Ywi.jsst.net is one of various 'disposable' Web domains that serve little purpose except to enable the delivery of additional third party content through various programs, particularly programs designed to change the behavior of your Web browser. Similar to Mkd.fastdist.net, Efc.pkgmirror.net, Pnl.hostjs.net, Jno.jsstatis.net, Ggk.findsection.net or Ouc.pageimage.net, Ywi.jsst.net doesn't load any significant content during direct visits and hasn't been classified as a risky domain that would harm your PC intentionally. However, like all of the above, Ywi.jsst.net also has a history of being exploited by adware and other Potentially Unwanted Programs, which malware experts occasionally have found to have a negative influence on online security.

Because Ywi.jsst.net's sole purpose is the delivery of advertising content that may vary between different partners, you shouldn't assume that contact with Ywi.jsst.net automatically may lead to any further problems while also doing your best to identify potentially unsafe content. Malicious forms of advertising that malware experts see hosted through Ywi.jsst.net and other advertisement domains include:

  • Fraudulent updates (usually for recognizable software like Adobe Flash or Windows products) that include unsafe or unwanted software, instead of an actual update.
  • Compromised updates that include a legitimate update package that's modified to install extra software.
  • Fraudulent system alerts that claim to detect problems with your computer that only can be removed by installing a (fake) system cleaner or security product.
  • Phishing advertisements that try to gather information such as your phone number or e-mail address by encouraging you to enter this information under false pretenses, such as awarding free prizes.

Interactions with these compromised advertisements always should be kept at a minimum, while other Ywi.jsst.net advertisements should be judged on a case by case basis.

Beating a Site that Keeps Boomeranging Back to You

With the above risks potentially involved in contact with Ywi.jsst.net, one may ask why anyone would risk encountering Ywi.jsst.net. Unfortunately, the answer has come down to adware programs that take that decision out of your Web browser's hands. The ongoing Ywi.jsst.net adware campaign isn't associated with individual browser add-ons, but, instead, uses hidden components that adjust your Web browser's behavior, showing new Ywi.jsst.net advertisements and, in some cases, locking your homepage or search engine. Malware experts are still investigating the means by which these PC threats are being distributed, and only can recommend general security protocols be followed in the meantime.

Whenever your browser begins showing symptoms that are expected of Ywi.jsst.net-related PC threats, such as redirects or pop-ups, you should treat your computer as potentially compromised until you have further information from the right anti-malware utilities. Malware experts also find safe browsing habits important, not just for avoiding the dangers of Ywi.jsst.net advertisements, but for avoiding download sources that are most likely to compromise your PC with these types of unwanted and harmful software. Sites known for the distribution of unwanted toolbars, browser hijackers and adware always should be ignored in favor for reasonably reputable alternatives.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

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