Proyecto X Ransomware

Posted: April 17, 2019

Proyecto X Ransomware Description

The Proyecto X Ransomware is a file-locking Trojan that can encrypt your digital media, add extensions to their names, and display graphical ransom messages. Users should ignore the ransom since the Proyecto X Ransomware's family of Hidden Tear is weak to free decryption solutions notably. Before recovering any files, users should disinfect the system and remove the Proyecto X Ransomware with a suitable anti-malware product.

Project X Goes Trojan (and Spanish)

Threat actors are preparing a version of Hidden Tear for attacks against Spanish victims, although their targets may be in South America, Mexico, Western Europe or other regions. The Proyecto X Ransomware is part of a family of file-locking Trojans that's often of use to criminals who can't afford the fees of a Ransomware-as-a-Service Trojan, or who prefer customizing their programs. Malware researchers see some inclinations towards the latter from the Proyecto X Ransomware's payload, which includes more than a minimal effort.

The Proyecto X Ransomware encrypts files using an AES-based routine which, while not the most secure possibility, does give the Trojan a time-efficient method of locking documents and other content rapidly. It adds a 'robinhood' extension to their names, as well, which is a theme that malware experts find reappearing in threats like the 2017's RobinHood Ransomware and the Robin Hood And Family Ransomware periodically. After finishing this lockdown on the victim's files, the Trojan creates its ransom note.

The Proyecto X Ransomware's ransoming message delivers a warning message featuring a skull superimposed over glowing text. Its instructions only are in Spanish and attribute the attack to a 'Sociedad Privada' or Private Society. While it doesn't give a price or payment method, it does provide victims with e-mail addresses for negotiating with the threat actors over a decryptor. It also implies that the campaign will target vulnerable website servers instead of random users, although malware experts aren't able to confirm live attacks, yet.

Protecting Your Media from a Hacker Society's Meddling

Website owners should make sure that their administrator accounts are using sufficiently strong passwords that threat actors can't penetrate with brute-force software. Besides this issue, users should be watchful over e-mail attachments and illicit torrents, both of which are more likely than average of distributing a file-locking Trojan. The Proyecto X Ransomware's family of Hidden Tear includes many, different variants, such as the Yatron Ransomwar, the Qinynore Ransomware, the OPdailyallowance Ransomware, and the PTP Ransomware, and their distribution exploits aren't always predictable.

Hidden Tear uses AES without extra security for preventing third-parties from decrypting it. As a result, any users without backups should consider contacting an experienced member of the PC security industry for their help with finding a compatible decryptor. Professional anti-malware solutions can provide straightforward disinfections for removing the Proyecto X Ransomware and any related threats equally.

The Proyecto X Ransomware isn't hiding exactly, and its essential source code is up for grabs by any threat actors with enthusiasm for the Hidden Tear project. Users shouldn't forget the easy access threat actors have to digital weaponry and erect defenses in the form of backups habitually.

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