RSA2048Pro Ransomware

Posted: August 3, 2017
Threat Metric
Threat Level: 10/10
Infected PCs 64

RSA2048Pro Ransomware Description

The RSA2048Pro Ransomware is a Trojan that locks the users' files to force them into paying a ransom through Bitcoins or similar methods. Media older than three months may be safe from the RSA2048Pro Ransomware, which filters out files based on their last edited dates. However, this Trojan is a significant threat to any recently-modified content, and you always should delete the RSA2048Pro Ransomware as soon as you have access to a suitable anti-malware tool for doing so.

Ransoming Your Recent File History

It's often impractical for Trojans to try to take the entire contents of a PC's drives. Encrypting data to lock it takes time, but leaves the Trojan vulnerable to interference, in the meantime. Accordingly, threat actors have a vested interest in coming up with different ways to increase the brevity of these attacks. A new method, being brandished by the RSA2048Pro Ransomware uniquely, only targets content that you (or another user) open recently.

The RSA2048Pro Ransomware, which is another example of .NET Framework software still filters the files for locking down according to their formats (such as Word documents or JPG pictures), and also works around sensitive locations like the Windows folder. However, a third configuration option limits the RSA2048Pro Ransomware to enciphering files with edits from within the past three months. The RSA-2048 encoding method also appears to be secure, and malware experts see no free decryption solutions appropriate for reversing the encoding attack's effects on a victim's files currently.

The Trojan uses Notepad text files for delivering its ransom notes, which may ask for Bitcoin payments for its decryptor, misrepresent the infection as being based on the CryptoWall Ransomware or a generic security problem, or threaten the reader with penalties for not paying within a five-day time limit. Despite its generalized symptoms, malware experts conclude that the RSA2048Pro Ransomware is unrelated to previous families of similar threats and appears to be an independent project.

Modernizing Your Defense against Time-Sensitive Trojans

The RSA2048Pro Ransomware is compatible with any system that supports C# software, meaning that most Windows environments are at risk from its file-locking features. PC users should back up their files to locations that are less at risk of being attacked particularly, such as any removable storage device, to prevent the RSA2048Pro Ransomware from corrupting the only copies of documents and other media. Those without other options also may request help from appropriate security researchers for looking into the possibility of developing a free decryption program, which may require samples of both the encrypted content and the Trojan.

The RSA2048Pro Ransomware is well-coded relatively, compared to amateur efforts, and may use similarly sophisticated infection methods, such as exploit kits loading via corrupted websites or crafted spam e-mails. Some threat actors also choose to install their Trojans personally, after gaining system access through brute-force or phishing-based attacks. Appropriate Web-surfing behavior, security measures like blocking scripts, and rotating passwords all are relevant forms of defense. Finally, many, if not all brands of anti-malware products to date can identify and remove the RSA2048Pro Ransomware as a threat to your computer.

The art of extracting money with a victim's consent, even under duress, is one that can require a discerning touch. As malware experts see more advanced cases of data-filtering like the RSA2048Pro Ransomware, one can only assume that con artists are going to continue finding the best ways to attack what's most valuable to you.

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