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Why Are Bugs Crawling On My Screen?

Posted: May 20, 2008

Do you have black bugs crawling on your Windows desktop? If you have bugs that are crawling on your screen manipulating the Windows desktop such as shown in the image above, then you may have a serious infection. Some screen saver programs are programmed to behave in a manor where it displays bugs crawling on your desktop. In the case that you do not have a screen saver installed that displays such images then this may be a clear sign that you have a dangerous spyware parasite running on your system.

Figure 1. Bugs crawling on your screen
Bugs Crawling On My Screen

There have been several reports of computer users experiencing bugs crawling on their computer screen eating away at the desktop image displayed mainly in Windows XP. In addition to the recent reports, computer users are further explaining that free spyware removal tools will not remove or detect this type of 'bug' that they have. It seems there is a 'bug' infection that is spreading on the internet and no one has the right 'bug-spray' to get rid of it.

Hackers are known to be very creative with new infections in developing deceptive ways to get computer users to download and purchase their dirty programs. Currently there is no definite solution to this crawling bug matter. We are currently looking to see what spyware is causing this issue. In the mean time we would like to encourage anyone that may have this problem to be mindful of any popups or messages that may ask you to remove this 'bug' infection. Many times an infection such as this one may prompt you to download fake software just as we have experienced with thousands of other spyware infections. Usually the result of downloading or installing recommended software from a popup or system alert results in damage to your system or lost of your hard earned money.

Right now you can keep yourself protected by updating your current anti-spyware and/or anti-virus programs. If you do not have an anti-spyware program then we suggest that you find a reputable application to protect your computer from similar infections. We will update you on this matter as soon as the information becomes available. Please check back in our news section for any new developments or updates in regards to the crawling bug issue.


  • Jovan says:

    I'm currently experiencing this problem. I left my computer on when I went to class one day, and one of my family members got on and put a LOT of spyware/adware/etc on the computer without even knowing it. I've tried all the anti spyware programs I could get a holf of. I removed PLENTY of infected things, but the bugs are still there. =[
    Where will the solution be posted?

  • NoWhereMan says:

    Ran across this http://forums.cnet.com/5208-6142_102-0.html?forumID=5&threadID=294266&messageID=2773517#2773517 which seems to help. But sounds more like a work-around rather than a fix.

  • ghostrider01 says:


    What do the anti-spyware programs you've used say that you have? I can't give you a solution if I don't know what you have.

  • lilkunta says:

    I have this problem. The trojan/malware/spyware is 'advanced xp fixer' & 'advanced xp defender'.
    Plsss help, how do I remove it?

  • Randy says:

    The bugs on your screen is called "Blackster". The company that made this is called, Peters Productions.....

    How do I know this ? well I'll tell you how...
    Go to start>my computer>local disk C:>windows>system32>scroll down until you see the blackster "BUG"
    open the properties..

  • james says:

    yes, i think my computer got this virus too........it is a rundll32.exe that keeps reattaching to explore.exe and keeps looping........it loads as defender shortcuts to my desktop an fires off a bunch of http links when opening internet explorer.....

  • Anna says:

    I was recently infected with MalWarrior 2007 and that is when I started to have the bug screensaver. I found it under system32 with the name blackster. I deleted it and uninstalled MalWarrior but am still having some problems. I have a firewall now that keeps informing me of an unauthorized program that is trying to start up everytime I turn on my computer. It is connected to bn15.tmp...I have seen bn8a.tmp, bn9b.tmp, and other attempts that I have been able to block, but I still can not locate the source. I found something in system32 called winctrl32.dll and I am denied access to delete it. I don't know if you can help at all or if this helps you any in detecting the origin of this problem.


  • Anna says:

    I found a folder in windows called Prefetch which contained all the bn.tmp's, blackster screensaver, and everything else infecting my computer. Now that I have deleted it, do you think my problem is solved?

  • Josh says:

    I have this "bug" on my computer currently. A file in the desktop backgrounds of the display properties named "ctfmonb" seems to be one of the files this bug uses. It is a big pain, and I haven't found out the fix for it. Even reinstalling windows doesn't fix the problem. Nasty little thing...

  • KRISTY says:


  • nicola says:

    I have had this happen to me. It started on June 1st and seems to be getting worse. It eats away at everything. I really need advise on how to get rid of the bugs. I have tried running several scans and nothing seems to work. Help!!!

  • jack says:

    i have bugs crawling on my screen will reboting my computer remove them i.e deleting all the files and starting my computer from fresh please reply to me asap so i know what to do thank you

  • doug says:

    this is from spy shredder to get you to run their software and buy their product to try and fix it.

  • Kelli says:

    I have this on my computer. Will you please update me on how to get rid of this.

  • ghostrider01 says:


    We've detected it in the new versions of rogue anti-spyware programs like Malware Protector 2008. If you want to see removal instructions for Malware Protector 2008, go to Malware Protector 2008 removal instructions.

  • Peter says:

    if you go into your c drive and into program then windows and then system 32 you will find an application with an bug icon that is the problem that is causing the bugs to appear delete that and any other item that says blackster which might also be in c windows.

  • raman n says:

    i was doing some work on my computer and suddenly as described above, my desktop was being eaten away by bugs, then there came a pop up that my computer was very badly affected by spyware and then a sofware call advanced xp fixer began installing by itself....
    i checked system32 and found a scrennsaver file named blackster, and on double clicking it a lot of bugs appeared as before...
    i checked its properties and found out that it was produced by peters_productions and got the link

    http://go.to/ph peters_productions@hotmail.com

    i've no idea how it invaded my computer

  • Haris says:

    Don't worry I had this too. You first need to download system explorer it is kinda like take manager. You can serach it now see the button that says system kinda in the top click it. Now click the button Start-up programs and look for a file called Bugs! or somethign simular to it and side click it and get rid of it so it will never bother you again hope this helped you.

  • ghostrider01 says:

    raman n,

    Just because it was produced by peters productions doesn't mean that this company is responsible for the infections.

  • harry durr says:

    Any solutions yet?

  • ghostrider01 says:

    harry durr,

    We've detected it in the new versions of rogue anti-spyware programs like Malware Protector 2008. If you want to see removal instructions for Malware Protector 2008, go to Malware Protector 2008 removal instructions.

  • mICHAEL says:

    Go to MY COMPUTER/ C DRIVE /WINDOWS /SYSTEM 32 / then look for bug and right click delete and then delete from recycle bin and reboot

  • raymond says:

    thank you michael i did what you said and it worked

  • Angela says:

    I recently had this on my computer. I tried everything. I went to different websites and followed the directions for removal, I did everything. What seemed to work for everyone else did not work for me. I think it is getting more advanced. I don't know. When I had it, I could not do anything. If I tried to press ctrl+alt+delete to open task manager, it said "access is denied by administrater", I tried to do a system restore to an earlier time, it said "access denied". The option to change my desk top from the annoying "warning, your computer is infected, click here..." was gone. I didn't have the option to change the screensaver either. I just finished deleting windows and reinstalling it. Hope it worked!!! I hope you guys can find a better solution because this really sucked!

  • Alex says:

    Angela, did deleting windows and reinstalling it fix yours? I have the exact same thing as you and now my computer takes about an hour to start up, but my start menu will not even show up. Thanks!

  • noway says:

    The only real solution is to format your drive and reinstall everything. Once this thing got on your drive there is no real way to be sure it didn't open your system to other "Bad guys".

    I hope everyone have recovery disks!

  • kaliman says:

    Authored by hxxp://go.to/phpeters_productions@hotmail.com according to the file properties

  • wanda says:

    it works michael

  • Steve says:

    Ive had this virus and i was stupid and just left it alone thinking it would go away by itself. Now i turn my laptop on and it wont get past loading preferences does that mean i cant fix it????

  • Guy having fun says:

    >> noway says:
    >> June 20, 2008 at 12:58 pm
    >> The only real solution is to format your drive and reinstall everything. Once this thing got on your drive there is no real way to be sure it didn’t open your system to other “Bad guys”.

    >> I hope everyone have recovery disks!

    This is like advising to cut off the leg when you have a blister on a toe... And decent anti-virus can remove this thing.

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