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Antivirus Security Pro Screenshot 1A spinoff of the Attentive Antivirus branch of the Winwebsec scamware family, Antivirus Security Pro is a rogue anti-virus product that feeds you fake malware alerts to make you purchase its software. Antivirus Security Pro and other members of its family are known for hijacking Web browsers, blocking other applications under fraudulent pretenses and disabling important Windows security features, and malware experts categorize Antivirus Security Pro scamware as a high-level threat. Treating security warnings from Antivirus Security Pro at face value always is a self-destructive course of action, and deleting Antivirus Security Pro with a real anti-malware program always should be the first item on your agenda while dealing with an Antivirus Security Pro-compromised PC.

Antivirus Security Pro: a Professional Antivirus Conman

Antivirus Security Pro, like the rest of the WinWeb Security family, doesn’t have any capabilities for detecting viruses or other PC threats, but Antivirus Security Pro is equipped with a hefty arsenal of fake alerts. In addition to displaying traditional pop-up warnings, Antivirus Security Pro also may imitate Windows alerts, redirect your browser to fake warning sites and display warnings when you try to launch another application.

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The latter is of particular interest to malware experts for its tendency to be used along with Antivirus Security Pro blocking the associated application, an attack that conveniently lets Antivirus Security Pro terminate essential security programs while giving Antivirus Security Pro an alibi for doing so.

Antivirus Security Pro interferes with your PC’s operations solely to make money off of its registration process, which Antivirus Security Pro claims is the easiest way to disinfect your computer and remove all of the associated problems Antivirus Security Pro causes. Since Antivirus Security Pro is scamware that doesn’t justify any expenditure of money whatsoever, malware researchers have found it more efficient to ignore these requests and remove Antivirus Security Pro, itself.

Taking Down the Fake Security Professional with Genuine Security

Antivirus Security Pro and related Winwebsec-based rogue anti-virus programs are considered security hazards because they regularly disable security-oriented programs (the UAC, Windows Firewall, etc) and modify your Registry to deactivate basic security settings. Knowing this, deleting Antivirus Security Pro always should be one of the first things you attempt in response to an Antivirus Security Pro infection, with similar recommendations also applying to relatives like Antivirus Security, Security Sphere 2012, Windows Secure Kit 2011, Smart Fortress 2012, Antivirus Center, Windows Ultra-Antivirus, Winweb Security, Security Monitor 2012, Security Scanner 2012, Smart Guard Protection, Total Security 2009, Disk Antivirus Professional, MS Removal Tool, Microsoft Antivirus 2013, Antivirus Defence, Antivirus Security 2013, Live Security Platinum, Antivirus Security Pro 2014, Attentive Antivirus, Windows Secure Kit 2012, System Tool 2011, Live Security Professional, Total Security, Security Tool, System Progressive Protection, AntiSpyware Pro 2009, System Security 2012, Advanced PC Shield 2012, Antiviral Factory 2013, Sinergia Cleaner, Futurro Antivirus, Advanced Security Tool 2010, Antivirus Security Pro 2013, Personal Shield Pro, Smart Protection 2012, System Security, Windows Attacks Preventor, AVASoft Antivirus Professional, Security Shield, Live Essential Platinum, Antivirus System, System Adware Scanner 2010, Security Shield/Scanner, System Care Antivirus and Security Shield 2012.

Although Antivirus Security Pro usually will block the anti-malware products that could help your computer, you can respond in kind by blocking Antivirus Security Pro. Booting your PC into Safe Mode or booting using a peripheral device will help to disable Antivirus Security Pro and other PC threats, thereby giving you the window of opportunity to disinfect your PC.

Antivirus Security Pro Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

Is your PC infected with Antivirus Security Pro? To safely & quickly detect Antivirus Security Pro we highly recommend you run the malware scanner listed below.

Technical Details

File System Modifications

Tutorials: If you wish to learn how to remove malware components manually, you can read the tutorials on how to find malware, kill unwanted processes, remove malicious DLLs and delete other harmful files. Always be sure to back up your PC before making any changes.
  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name Detection Count
    1 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\ gpnglp73\ gpnglp73.exe 194
    2 file.exe 206
    3 serv.bat 47
    4 %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\ N/A
    5 %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\DD1 N/A
    6 %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.exe N/A
    7 %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.exe.manifest N/A
    8 %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.ico N/A
    9 %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\ N/A
    10 %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7kassgxDq.lg N/A

Registry Modifications

Tutorial: To edit and delete registry entries manually, read the tutorial on how to remove malicious registry entries.

Tip & Warning: Editing and removing the wrong registry keys can severely damage your PC, so remember to backup your Windows Registry! To optimize your Windows Registry and speed up your PC, download RegHunter's registry cleaner.
  • The following newly produced Registry Values are:
    HKEY..\..\..\..{RegistryKeys}SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Tracing\Antivirus Security Pro_RASAPI32SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Tracing\Antivirus Security Pro_RASMANCSSOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Tracing\Antivirus Security Pro_RASAPI32SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Tracing\Antivirus Security Pro_RASMANCSSOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Tracing\gpng7pl3_RASAPI32HKEY..\..\{Value}HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "AA2014" = "%CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.exe"HKEY..\..\..\..{Subkeys}HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run AS2014

Additional Information

  • The following messages's were detected:
    # Message
    1Warning! Infected file detected.
    We strongly recommend activating full edition of your antivirus software for repairing threats.
    2Warning! Infected file detected
    Location: File System
    Suspicious activity detected in the application notepad.exe to the behavior of the virus Win32/Conficker.X. For your security and to avoid loss of data, the operation of application cmd.exe has been temporarily restricted.
    3Warning! Network attack attempt detected.
    To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.
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  • Atorino Francesca says:

    I have a similar one; thanks a lot; Atorino

  • Satta Matka says:


    I have zbot virus on my computer which has encrypted several files (zip, rar and images) and I cannot find any tangible or straight forward solution on the internet, any help would be highly appreciated.

    Satta Matka

  • Jeffrey says:

    I I bought this a couple years ago….it was absolutely POWERLESS against a Trojan that came into my computer.


    Your going to need about $60.00 to have a Real Live Tech. get rid of the Malware.

  • C. Carpenter says:

    I want to trust you. Please be real.

  • Joy says:

    The biggest problem to this is that I can’t get on the Internet on my computer to download this! OBVIOUSLY. Right now I am on my laptop writing to you. I would naturally think that you would know that if nothing works, there is no way to even get to this site. So, how could I download if I can’t get to the download? I am frustrated about this, as you can see, sorry. Don’t really know who to trust. I hope you can help. Thank you, Joy

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