Spy Sheriff

Posted: March 28, 2006 | Category: Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs | Threat Level: 10/10
Spy Sheriff is a corrupt illegally distributed anti-malware application . It is secretly installed to victim PCs by many trojans and through certain web browser exploits.

Win Fixer

Posted: March 28, 2006 | Category: Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs | Threat Level: 10/10
Win Fixer is a commercial product that pretends to be a legitimate system tool. Win Fixer is actually spyware, which continuously displays annoying false reports of purportedly detected system problems, errors and parasite threats. This may trick the user into thinking that the program is not a security threat and make the user purchase a version of Win Fixer.

PC MightyMax

Posted: March 12, 2006 | Category: Rogue Registry Cleaners | Threat Level: 10/10
PC MightyMax is a fake anti-malware program from the WinFixer family, a widely-recognized group of scamware-based PC threats that are distributed by fraudulent websites like PCMightyMax.net . While PC MightyMax makes the claim that its scans are free, all of PC MightyMax's 'free' scans will list inaccurate threat alerts as a prelude to a request for paid registration. The paid version of PC MightyMax may look as though PC MightyMax can remove all PC threats, but SpywareRemove.com malware analysts note that this is because PC MightyMax never detects any real infection in the first place....


Posted: March 2, 2006 | Category: Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs | Threat Level: 10/10
ADWareBazooka ADWareBazooka is a rogue anti-spyware program that is often downloaded and installed without user knowledge or consent by a Trojan or through browser security holes. ADWareBazooka will also display notifications of imaginary security risks in its attempts to get the user to purchase the full version. ADWareBazooka parasite is a clone of RemedyAntispy .

Registry Elite

Posted: August 18, 2005 | Category: Rogue Registry Cleaners | Threat Level: 10/10
Registry Elite is a rogue registry cleaner that has the ability to falsely detect problems on a clean computer system. Registry Elite will try to make you doubt your computer when there is nothing that should make you concerned. The rogue programs PC Doc Pro and Spy Doc Pro are direct clones of Registry Elite, so don't trust anything related to these malicious programs. Use reliable anti-spyware software to terminate Registry Elite and any other threats associated to this rogue.


Posted: April 7, 2005 | Category: Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs | Threat Level: 10/10
WinSpy WinSpy is a powerful commercial computer surveillance system that allows its users to monitor multiple computers on a network, whether the PCs are online or offline. WinSpy tracks user activity, monitors network connections, logs keystrokes, takes screenshots, captures online chat conversations and pictures from a webcam, records e-mail messages, passwords and web sites visited. WinSpy operates in real time, and allows its users to instantly see whatever's on the screen of any connected computer. The user can choose simply to watch computer activity, or he or she may print date and time...