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Posted: July 22, 2011

ScreenshotClean-security.com may want you to think that Clean-security.com and Clean-security.com's anti-spyware product are squeaky-clean, but our SpywareRemove.com malware research team has traced clean-security.com's history back to filth like fraudulent credit card charges, poor customer support, cloned software and fake infection alerts. Any attempts to make clean-security.com anti-spyware products work right will subject you to false security information and constant requests for money. Clean Security 2011 not only doesn't have threat-removal functions, but is also a clone of other well-verified rogue programs, and even keeping clean-security.com software on your PC is putting your computer at risk for browser hijacks and security program malfunctions. For your computer's sake, as well as your wallet, stay away from clean-security.com and delete clean-security.com software with the best anti-malware product that's at your disposal.

Why You Should Wash Your Hands of Clean-security.com As Soon As Possible

Clean-security.com exists to pawn off a new anti-spyware product known as Clean Security 2011 into your hands. The vibrant blue content of clean-security.com does very little to explain anything of substance about clean-security.com's company or Clean Security 2011, for the good reason that clean-security.com doesn't want you to know about Clean-security.com's criminal history in the first place.

Our malware research team has found that clean-security.com is one part of a series of websites that market identical rogue programs in identical ways. A full list of currently-known guilty websites and their related rogue products includes:

The listed websites as well as clean-security.com market what amounts to the same rogue application, with a simple switch of website skins and product names to make each website and clone seem like a separate entity. In truth, however, they're all run by the same criminals, and any attacks that emerge from clean-security.com can be expected from all of Clean-security.com's cousins, as well.

Clean-security.com products and the other rogue products that are noted above aren't capable of finding spyware or other PC threats, but they'll make no bones about creating fake threat alerts to try and steal your money. Buying any product from clean-security.com is the worst thing you can do with your money, and may also result in additional charges for no reason.

What You Can Do About Clean-security.com

Clean-security.com's disingenuous behavior also includes a reputation for poor customer service, where clean-security.com will try to do everything in Clean-security.com's power to avoid responding to you if you attempt to get your money back. Instead of wasting your time trying to contact criminals without your best interests at heart, our malware team recommends talking to your credit company about canceling any charges that are related to clean-security.com-based purchases.

Until you've used appropriate security software to get rid of clean-security.com infections, you may also suffer from browser hijacks that control which websites your web browser visits, as well as disabled security programs. Safe Mode or booting Windows from a CD has a history of blocking these kinds of rogue software attacks.

However, until you've verified that your PC is clean, you should also be careful to watch for other infections, such as Zlob or Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. Most rogue programs, including those that are marketed by clean-security.com, make use of Trojans to infect new computers.