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Posted: July 22, 2011

ScreenshotUltimate-scan.com is a member of a ring of websites that are run by the same criminals to market fake anti-spyware programs. Ultimate-scan.com's particular product is Ultimate Scan 2011, a clone of other rogue programs that all use fake security and infection warnings to panic you into spending money. However, buying anything ultimate-scan.com will fund criminals with a known history of stealing money from the same account repeatedly, and our SpywareRemove.com research team recommends canceling any credit card that's used for such a risky transaction. Even the ultimate-scan.com website doesn't offer real customer support, and we can safely say that ultimate-scan.com and all related programs are a cheap shell disguising fraudulent activities.

Ultimate-scan.com's Marketing Scheme That Doesn't Spend Time on Features Behind the Fluff

Ultimate-scan.com may look like a respectable, if somewhat garish security software website, but that's just the outer layer. The web-like visual scheme that ultimate-scan.com uses can be seen as ironically prophetic and indicative of ultimate-scan.com's attempts to snare your PC with ultimate-scan.com's scamware and funnel money straight out of your credit card. Ultimate-scan.com stacks heaps of praise onto ultimate-scan.com's anti-spyware product, Ultimate Scan 2011, but our researchers have found that this program is identical to several similar rogue applications.

Ultimate Scan 2011 copies most of itself from rogue programs that are distributed by the same criminals, with examples including Clean Security 2011, Unlimited Defender 2011 and Ultimate Guard 2011. These rogue anti-spyware products will not make any mention of each other, but our experts have noticed many similarities in these applications, particularly with regards to creating false positives or fake infection alerts.

Although you may download ultimate-scan.com's software by mistake, you're more likely to be infected via a fake online scan advertisement or a drive-by-download. Either of these methods can exploit Flash and Java to install rogue program-delivering Trojans like Zlob or Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert.

Looking a little more deeply into the ultimate-scan.com website itself, you'll be able to see that ultimate-scan.com's customer service is a sham that avoids responsibility and responsiveness whenever it can manage to do so. The best thing you can do if you're infected with an ultimate-scan.com program is to use trusted security software to delete Ultimate Scan 2011, Zlob and anything else that may be concealed in your PC.

The Full Roster of Ultimate-scan.com's Associates

Ultimate-scan.com is far from alone in Ultimate-scan.com's attacks on your wallet, and the same criminals that keep ultimate-scan.com scamware around are also responsible for the other rogue programs noted earlier. These clones of ultimate-scan.com's rogue anti-spyware program are distributed on websites of their own, such as unlimdefender.com, clean-security.com, unlimguard.com and ultimate-guard.com.

Any contact with these websites should be considered just as bad as contacting ultimate-scan.com itself. This includes, not just credit card transactions or file downloads, but even simply visiting ultimate-scan.com or a similar website, due to the risk of a drive-by-download of Zlob and similar Trojans.

Since ultimate-scan.com rogue programs are recent threats with limited documentation, our researchers place additional emphasis on the importance of updating your anti-virus and other security programs. A threat database that's outdated may make an otherwise adequate anti-virus product worthless for catching and removing ultimate-scan.com infections.