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Posted: July 22, 2011

The unlimdefender.com website is one of many that sell fake security application from the Unlimited Defender 2011 family. The fraudulent company that runs this small chain of reskinned websites charges high prices for security programs that don't detect or remove real infections, and may even make repeated charges after you give them your credit card number. Our SpywareRemove.com researchers have found that websites and rogue software that are linked to unlimdefender.com have been found to attack PCs by using advertisements and even try to fake infected system scan results. Do your best to cancel any unlimdefender.com-related charges and remove unlimdefender.com-affiliated software with a good anti-malware product.

Paging Through Unlimdefender.com's Much-Used Template

Although it's common for rogue security products to be reused, the criminals that run unlimdefender.com have even extended that lazy sense of design to the website itself. Unlimdefender.com uses the same design template as unlimguard.com, which in turn shares its template with ultimate-scan.com, ultimate-guard.com and clean-security.com.

Despite these similarities, unlimdefender.com will try to tell you that unlimdefender.com's anti-virus product, Unlimited Defender 2011, is a separate and trustworthy application that's more than capable of removing infections from your PC. If you swallow unlimdefender.com's marketing, you'll quickly find that Unlimited Defender 2011 has no ability to find or get rid of viruses, Trojans, spyware or other kinds of infections. Trying to contact the company will meet with a brick wall since unlimdefender.com's company support system isn't functional.

The Unlimited Defender 2011 rogue software that unlimdefender.com sells is likewise mirrored on the aforementioned websites. These Unlimited Defender 2011 clones include Ultimate Guard 2011, Ultimate Scan 2011 and Clean Security 2011. Our malware analysts have found all of these anti-spyware applications to share most of their functionality with Unlimited Defender 2011, which makes them exactly as worthless as Unlimited Defender 2011 itself.

What to Watch for When Unlimdefender.com Attacks Your PC

Visiting unlimdefender.com by accident may be all that it takes to infect your PC, since rogue software websites like unlimdefender.com are well-known for using drive-by-download scrips to install Zlob or Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Trojans, which may themselves install Unlimited Defender 2011 and similar rogue programs.

Our research team has also found some victims of unlimdefender.com that report being attacked after clicking on an advertisement banner or pop-up. Avoid advertisements from sources that you haven't verified to be trustworthy and never trust an advertisement that offers to scan your computer for infections.

Unlimited Defender 2011 and other unlimdefender.com products may also block applications or cause browser hijacks until you've removed all signs of unlimdefender.com's infections from your PC. For this task, our SpywareRemove.com research team recommends using thoroughly-updated security software, ideally in Safe Mode.